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  • Heyyy everybody!

    I'm Michelle from NJ. I met my fiance through match.com! :smile: Our theme is fall/pumpkins - I've *always* dreamed of a fall wedding! Our colors haven't been decided just yet bit I'm leaning towards eggplant & gold.... A little something about me: I've been a nurse for just about 8yrs now! Also I'm the mommy to a beautiful little jack Russell puppy!
  • Name: Shaniqua
    Location/residence: Fort Mill, SC
    Type of Wedding: Outdoor with river view (ceremony), Indoor (reception)
    How did you are your fiance meet?: It was blind set-up from my sister and her boyfriend. We met at a lake. We walked around and talked for hours. Just a perfect fit. 
    Color Scheme: Plum and Mercury
    Interests/Information about You: I love to watch movies and just hangout with my family and friends. We have one black lab named Milo that I adore and treat like my child, literally. 
  • Hi everyone! 

    I'm Eae and from NJ! Fiance and I actually grew up in neighboring towns, hung out at the same places, went to the same college, hung out with similar groups of people, and never met until around 4-5 years after we graduated. We formally met at a party with our college friends, but it took us over a year to get together. Our colors are going to burgundy, blush, and ivory or champagne (maybe both if I get too indecisive!), and we'll make a game time decision as to whether we do outdoor or indoor ceremony. I love cooking, baking, reading, and travelling. 
  • Hi ladies!

    Name: Iona
    Location/residence: We live in Sweden, but are getting married in Scotland
    Type of Wedding: We're getting married in a medieval castle. We've got the whole castle to ourselves, so we'll decide if we'll get married in or outside later.  
    How did you are your fiancée meet?: We met at a local lesbian bar on the day it shut down. 
    Colour Scheme: Green, red and silver

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    Heyyy everybody! I'm Michelle from NJ. I met my fiance through match.com! :smile: Our theme is fall/pumpkins - I've *always* dreamed of a fall wedding! Our colors haven't been decided just yet bit I'm leaning towards eggplant & gold.... A little something about me: I've been a nurse for just about 8yrs now! Also I'm the mommy to a beautiful little jack Russell puppy!

    I have a Jack Russell too! She's 10 though.
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    Hi everyone, I'm Angela from DE. me and my fiance met at work almost 10 years ago. Our theme is royal blue/gold for police and dispatcher. I love to cook, read, sing and chill with our children.

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    Name: Noelle 
    Location/residence: Connecticut 
    Type of Wedding: I Do BBQ
    How did you are your fiance meet?: We dated a little over 9 years ago and then went our separate ways at the time, but stayed friends over the years. Two years ago, we ended up back together. We had some journeys to take on our own before starting our adventure together. 
    Color Scheme: Fall leaves and lights 
    Interests/Information about You: We both work in the medical field. I am a part of the transplant team at a local hospital and he works for a specialty pharmacy.
  • It's nice to meet everyone!

    Name: Kirsten

    Location/residence: Tampa Bay area, FL

    Type of Wedding: Beach! Pretty informal. Neither of us wanted anything too formal. It just isn't us and we wouldn't be comfortable.

    How did you are your fiance meet?: Long story short, my friend of years that I met online introduced us, and when I came down from my home state of Iowa to visit, it didn't take long for us to fall for each other. After being in an LDR for five months, I moved to Florida and moved in with him. Now, not quite a year and a half later, we're engaged!

    Color Scheme: Very beachy. Sand/khaki, turquoise, and maybe a hint of light pink.

    Interests/Information about You: I love baking, but I can't really cook anything. I can make a mean grilled cheese, though!
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  • Glad I found this page with you all!

    Name: Valerie
    Location/residence: Louisville, KY
    Type of Wedding: Laid Back, Classic, Food & Fun
    How did you are your fiance meet?: College, but we started dating a few years later
    Color Scheme: Ivory, Champagne, Blush, Gray
    Interests/Information about You: We're both TV journalists and work opposite schedules, so our time together is limited. We bought a house in the Spring, and enjoy down time with our dog, a chiweenie named Dottie.
  • Hi everyone!

    I thought I was starting early with the planning! Glad I found this board now. :) You all are kicking my butt in the planning dept! Lol

    Name: Robin

    Location/residence: Kenora Ontario Canada

    Type of Wedding: small (like immediate family only), but elegant in our 109 year old home

    How did you are your fiance meet?: we were set up by mutual friends. They stuck us on a curling team together in a bonspiel and the rest is history.

    Color Scheme: silver and black with lots of red roses

    Interests/Information about You: he has two kids and we have three dogs. I am over 40 but this will be my first marriage. We knew within the first few weeks of dating that we wanted to get married but then we bought an old home and have been too broke for the last six years lol
  • Hi all!


    Location: Live in Dallas, TX, getting married in Manhattan (NYC) where I grew up/same venue my parents were married in!

    Type of wedding: Black Tie- parents are paying, and Dad loves how he looks in his tux ;)

    How'd we meet: On a plane in Africa! And I *never* talk to people on planes-ever!

    Colors: Navy, Gold/Copper, Bright pink/Orange, merlot-- there's a good chance  the wedding will look like a rainbow because I can't decide! 

    Interests/Info about me: Competitive show jumping/training my young horse, traveling (trying to get to 100 countries in my life!), 2 rescued mini-schnauzers, hit by lightning a few months ago while in Burma(yes, you read that correctly!), I like baking, he likes cooking, so we're always well-fed :)

  • Hi Everyone!


    Location: Live in Norwalk, CT and getting married in Farmington, CT (but I am a born & raised New Yorker)

    Type of wedding: Rustic outdoor feel

    How'd we meet: Match.com!

    Colors: Cranberry with orange and yellow hues

    Interests/Info about me: I am a full-time graduate student working on my master's degree in mental health counseling.. I am almost done! Graduating in May!, we have a black cat named Bailey that we adopted in July and we love her!, 2016 is going to be a year of all good things! I can't wait
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    Name: Heather
    Location/residence: Ontario, Canada
    Type of Wedding: Small (70 guests), semi-outdoor with reception taking place in a beautiful restored barn. The ceremony will be just outside the barn! 
    How did you are your fiance meet?: We met through mutual friends at a New Years Eve party!  New Years eve is always a really special night for us, and we'll be celebrating our fifth this month!
    Color Scheme: Oxblood (fancy name for burgundy) and gold - fall colour accents
    Interests/Information about You: I am an elementary school music teacher, and my FI is a carpenter.  We just bought our first home in April, and are generally having an awesome year.  In September, I was hired for my first full-time teaching job, new house and an engagement to top it all off!  Music and Art are my passions, aside from teaching.  We want our wedding to feel like a cozy fall family get-together that turns into a party!
    Can't wait to start swapping ideas with you fellow October brides!
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  • Hi Everyone!!!
    Name: Megan
    Location/residence: Syracuse, NY
    Type of Wedding: 200, indoors.  Not sure if we are doing a church wedding or a reception-site ceremony yet.
    How did you are your fiance meet?: match.com
    Color Scheme: navy (for sure) and gold (maybe) with fall color accents and pumpkins (of course!) :smile: 
    Interests/Information about You: I am a middle school special education teacher and my FI is an airline pilot.  We got engaged on Christmas morning!  We love the outdoors- camping, hiking, etc.  We are planning to get on the major weight-loss bandwagon!

  • Hi everyone! I've loved reading about everyone and their weddings. 
    Name: Liz
    Location: NC
    Type of wedding: We're getting married in DE, where I'm from. We're having a Catholic ceremony (at the church my parents and grandparents were married at) and our reception at a country club. Around 150.
    How did you meet your fiance? He was an insurance salesman. I turned down the insurance, but accepted the date :smiley: 
    Color Scheme: green, gold, and white
    Interests: I'm an elementary special ed teacher and my FI works in finance. We got engaged in Thailand. We enjoy travelling, being outdoors, and music.
  • Name: Katie

    Location/residence: Ontario, Canada (*waves to @canadianteacher*)

    Type of Wedding: Simple, small, casual BBQ at the Legion.

    How did you are your fiance meet?: Our nerdy hobby; Warhammer 40K. Funny story, I just bought my dress at a shop two storefronts down the street from the hobby shop where we first met! We have been together for 4 years this May, living together for three years and bought our first house last March.

    Color Scheme: Plum, Dusty Rose & maybe a dark orange. BMs are wearing LBD's though, as one of my maids lives in Japan!

    Interests/Information about You: Love all things nerdy, I'm a Footcare professional, love riding motorcycles and drinking wine. FI and I have three cats, no kids.

  • Name: J
    Location/residence: Calgary (that's in Canada)
    Type of Wedding: Simple ceremony followed by restaurant reception. No dancing, just good food.  
    How did you are your fiance meet?: eHarmony. Will have been 8 years together by the wedding.
    Color Scheme: Blue, purple and pink
    Interests/Information: Emergency Registered Nurse who loves scrapbooking, cooking and good red wine. My FI (A) and I love to travel and do wacky things like spend a weekend in St. Martin to watch planes take off.
  • Hi everyone!

    Name: Tara
    Location/residence: California
    Type of Wedding: Indoors at an Opera House (no more than 100 people max)
    How did you are your fiance meet?: Online dating
    Color Scheme: Silver, light pink, and white
    Interests/Information about You: We got engaged in December 2014, and my fiance and I are funding our wedding ourselves.  
  • Hello, I am also from a small central PA town. May I ask where you are from?
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