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    Thank you for being the one nice response. This was my first post on here and I am now starting to question the maturity level of most of the people responding.

    Honey, me too.

    "Love is the one thing we're capable of perceiving that transcends time and space."

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    ****ETA - BOX **************************

    So you're saying that people on here helped you see the error of your ways, offered solid advice you decided your didn't need "uniformity" and your BMs to be similar heights and therefore aren't requesting that they wear flats?

    If so that's awesome. I'm glad we could be helpful after all. Turns out this site isn't just a bunch of immature bitches!! YEA! Funny how that works :)

    Granted, I didn't see the original post this refers to, but that is so crazy.  Rockettes need to be similar heights...BMs don't.

    Or is there a WP dance at the reception that is a Can-Can number?  Because that would be both hilarious and horrifying.

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    OMG this thread 


    Explains this perfectly. I'm 23, and I would like to rep all the mature-as-you-can-be 23 year olds that are engaged.With puppies.imageimage
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