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Buy or Rent Linen Napkins? Table cloths?

Anyone found a great place to buy napkins instead of renting for 75 cents each? 

As for table cloths, I found a cheaper buying option at tableclothsfactory.com but then read a bunch of scary horror stories and decided I don't want to risk buying those unless I can read about a lot of positive experiences!

Re: Buy or Rent Linen Napkins? Table cloths?

  • I don't know about tableclothsfactory.com, but I've heard good things about smartyhadaparty.com. They have 5-packs of napkins for $2.75 ($.55/ea) in a bunch of different colors. Plus you can get table cloths that aren't very expensive.

  • Ah, they're on my radar for plates and barware. Didn't realize they had "real" napkins not paper. Do you think I'd need to iron them before they could go on tables? 
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    We rented through our caterer so that they'll clean them up at the end of the night. Maybe we could have purchased them cheaper, but it would be one more thing for us to set up and clean up.
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  • I bought a chair cover sample and table runner sample from tablesclothsfactory.com and they look great, I'll be buying my chair covers and tables runners there for my wedding. Buying chair covers from there was cheaper than renting from a linen company plus I wanted the spandex ones which they didn't offer.
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    I bought napkins from smartyhadaparty.com. They were just for me to use and I was pretty unhappy with them. Yes they will need to be ironed or at least thrown in the dryer before you can use them. Someone that used them compared them to parachute material. They were more like nylon and kind of rough feeling. I won't use them again. 
  • I got married October of last year and purchased my own linens was a lot less expensive for me.  It made me think..hmmm how can I help fill in this gap for brides at a price that is NOT out of this world!  

    Just curious what are you looking for in a linen service? i.e. delivery? pick up?   what pricing?  

  • I got my tablecloths from a girl on Facebook, try to find wedding specific buy/sell groups, they're originally from smarty had a party and I love them. Got my pink napkins off of Craigslist. I spent about $100 on all my linens, 90 napkins and 14 tablecloths. They'll all need to be ironed, but it's worth it to me since I'll be able to resell them and make back the majority of my money.
  • Rented, even if it was more expensive.

    I didn't want to have to press the linens, fold them, have to bag them and take them somewhere to clean them afterwards (or throw them away), or burden my DOC with them.  It may have been more expensive to rent, but at least someone from caterer was the one pressing them and packing them up when the night was over.
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    Rented from a local (to my parents) company.  Didn't mind paying a little extra for linens if it meant we could just toss them in a bag at the end of the night and deliver them back without doing anything else.
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