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Inexpensive dj alternatives?

are you guys hiring a Dj for your wedding, or do you have any other good inexpensive dj alternatives?

Re: Inexpensive dj alternatives?

  • We did our own music (from a laptop, but an iPod could serve the same purpose). What we did to boost the quality was buy new speakers for the wedding, which we then used afterwards at our home. It helped that we had a pretty small space to work with and our wedding was in the afternoon so we didn't need the music to be blaring loud or any special lighting. We hired two musicians to play during the ceremony and the meal and then transitioned into our custom playlist.
  • Tip I learned from FSIL's wedding - if you use an iPhone for music, put it in airplane mode so that you don't have to worry about calls/texts coming through. That never would have occurred to me, but her officiant was fortunately very experienced.

    I know plenty of people who have used an iphone/ipod/laptop. Your music won't be as customizable/tailored to the mood and the crowd as with a DJ, but it is definitely a reasonable alternative.

    I think there are also apps out there that are good for this - I don't remember the names but maybe someone else does?

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  • I loved my live band.  I thought it was worth the expense.  But I realize that isn't what you're looking for.  I had a friend use her iPod a few years back and you wouldn't have even noticed a DJ wasn't there.  Although, whatever you bring, back it up and make sure you know how to use bluetooth.  She was originally going to use her laptop and something went wrong.  Can't remember what, but ended up using an iPod and things worked out fine.
  • I was thinking of doing an iPod list instead. Our venue said they see that a lot for smaller weddings and the only thing to consider is having someone willing to take the mic to make any announcements you need
  • We are using an ipad, my fiancé is in a band and they have a ton of lights and sounds equipment so I thought it would be silly to pay a dj. Maybe check around and see if you can pay a local band to just use their speakers and lights etc. I am working on a playlist and having people submit songs they'd like to hear when they rsvp so I can get something for everyone. Hopefully it works out. I have more faith reading that many others have done it as well.

    good luck! It will be great!

  • We are using a DJ.  But we talked them down in price and we are having a DJ that will act as both DJ and MC.  I like when the music is mixed a little and you don't have to listen to every single song all the way through.  I also wanted someone to make short announcements throughout the night and if they see the crowd dying down, they could change up the music to get people dancing again.  
  • We are have a string duet play cocktail hour and first dances and supplementing them with a laptop playlist. We got a good deal because I was a student of the violinist and we aren't having them play the whole time. If you're going for a cheaper DJ or band to play, going to a local music school and putting up a flier may be a good idea for getting a good price but you'd probably be getting someone with a little less experience playing for weddings/events. Or you can negotiate the hours they'll be working for your wedding.

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  • I'm looking at having an i-pod as well. 

    What kind of connections do you have?
    For us, my mother is a musician and a music teacher.  She has countless students, professionals/friends (most I have known since I was a kid), etc.  She knows how to rig good sound systems for concerts and troubleshoot any feedback issues.
    For us, that may mean we can get someone to play live for the ceremony and part of the reception, or at the least have a good set-up for whatever playlist we have on an ipod.  

    The venue you picked may also have a free-to-use sound system if you have the appropriate wire to connect whatever device you intend to use.  It's a very common choice for smaller and/or budget weddings.

    I do suggest having multiple copies of the playlist: laptop, various phones or mp3 players, and a CD.  Just in case.  Also, test the sound system before-hand if that's what you choose to do.  
  • I think the app that helps with Ipod playlists is myweddingdj or something like that. It supposedly helps transition/fade songs together.

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