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Do I need to send an invite... ?

Our wedding location is out of town for FI and I (we live in Cincinnati, OH - getting married in Lake Tahoe, CA). We had our engagement pictures taken in the city we live in, by a local photographer. We planned to hire a wedding photographer local to the wedding location.Through talking during and after the engagement session, we realized our engagement photographer's parents live in Lake Tahoe. He proposed planning his annual family vacation around our wedding date because he really wanted to shoot our wedding in Lake Tahoe, if we wanted him to do so. We loved our engagement photos and said yes. We pay the normal package price, no travel, because he simply made sure our wedding date fell within his vacation timeframe.

So my question is, since he, his wife, and children will be staying with grandparents and it is their vacation - do I need to send him an invite? Send an invite to him and his wife? Will his wife and kids hangout with grandparents and he simply works for the day and he doesn't need an invite because he has all of the info anyway per our contract? I think I am overthinking this. Hm..

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    I would not send him an invite.  You have hired him to work your wedding.  He will not have time to sit back and enjoy your wedding because he will be working it.  And it would be incredibly odd to invite him and his wife to an event where there is no other relationship with you and your FI other then him shooting your engagement photos.

    And he does not need an invite because I am assuming you have a contract with him that lays out all the details of your event.

  • Yes, we do have a contract that lays out all of the details.

    Okay, agreed, thanks! I knew I had to be overthinking it.

  • Employees connected with your wedding do not receive invitations.  They are vendors.
  • That's so awesome that your photographer is willing to travel! I wish mine had family in my hometown, where I'm getting married. (Columbus, Oh) But I say No need to send an invite to him and especially his wife. She would probably rather hang out with the family than attend a wedding that has no connection to her. 
  • His invitation is the contract that obligates him to show up on the day and perform work. Invites are for guests who are going to sit back and relax.

  • I wouldn't invite the family. It is his choice to plan his family vacation around your wedding and they are aware that he will be working one day & they won't get to see him.


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