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David's Bridal - Letting a dress out a size?

I bought a dress from David's Bridal. Here's the link to look at the dress. 

I tried it on in the store, and it fit kinda tight. However, it zipped, and the lady assured me that I would be fine ordering that size. It came in a month later, and I had lost 15 pounds since I first tried it on and...

It did not zip. After 15 pounds lost (instead of it feeling a little looser), it didn't zip! It will NOT budge the last inch of the zipper. When it happened, the lady was shocked and I was super upset. I cried at the store and it was a mess. Unfortunately, my pride told me to go ahead and take it home. I'm doing great with losing weight, and I've even lost five more pounds since then.

I tried it on again yesterday (a little over a month since bringing it home), and it still won't zip. I'm heartbroken and stressed out. So here's my question: Do you think that this dress could be let out a size? Only about an inch and a half of the zipper will not zip, but I absolutely do NOT want a corset back. I don't think it would look good with this particular dress. 


Re: David's Bridal - Letting a dress out a size?

  • Pretty dress! Letting it out some shouldn't be an issue. I'm not sure why they wouldn't have told you that or had the seamstress look at it then, or do you have quite a bit of time until your wedding still?
  • Also, that area where the zipper hits probably just isn't much of a spot where weight loss is effected. Add that in with a new/not stretched out dress, it's ok it doesn't zip. I really think it can be done with no issue.
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    My wedding is in January, and even though that has some time, I don't want to wait until the last second to figure out what to do :/ I'm afraid that you're right; That part of the zipper is probably not going to be effected by weight loss.

    I guess I worry that with all of the lace, beading, and layers, it will be quite the chore to let it out a couple inches. (And I'm really thinking about an inch on each side should do the trick and let me breath a bit.)
  • Ok, that makes more sense. My dress came in around January and when I picked it up, I did try it on, but then didn't have my alterations appointment until just recently, so the trying it on was just for fun, they didn't really comment on anything. I really wouldn't stress about it. They work with these dresses all the time. 
  • Some dresses have some room built in to be able to let it out a little but there are many times that certain styles cant be let out.  If for whatever reason the dress can't be let out, you may be able to put in a gusset on the side to give you a little more space.  This was the plan for one of my bridesmaids if the dress size she ordered didn't fit.  We were going to take the fabric from the bottom of my sister's dress and make some fabric panels to put in on the sides so it would fit her.  If you have any extra fabric from the bottom of your dress, you could ask about a gusset. 

    I'd start asking around now to see what your options are.  Davids Bridal may not be willing to do a gusset or let it out.  You may be able to get another alterations place to do what you need,  but as soon as you have another alterations place do it, Davids Bridal won't replace or refund anything if something goes wrong.

  • Are you sure they sent the right size? That's the first thing I'd check.

    Whether the dress can be let out is a question for the seamstress. I'd get an appointment right away.

  • I know that the sample dresses in the store are stretched out a bit but I'm really surprised after 20 lbs it doesn't fit?? Although part of it could be where did you lose that 20 lbs? If it isn't getting the last inch of the zipper I would think it is because of your back/rib cage which aren't areas that slim down quite the same as you might lose weight in your stomach/butt/thigh areas.

    I have a little concern mine isn't going to fit.  I had it take in and when I tried it on it was tight but I know it was because that is so it stays up (she said you take it in the tightest at the waist so then it stays up...or something like that). Losing weight won't change anything though because its the back/rib area that's tight.

  • Sadly, I think I lost more weight in the lower belly, seat-circle region, and the zipper is tight on my rib cage region. I called David's Bridal, and they said that with the tags on and everything, I can bring it in and exchange it for a larger size to have altered down or a different dress. I'll be going on Friday, so I will give an update!
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    def get the next size up and try the sample on  in that size to make sure. dresses can always be taken in two sizes but not taken out. the sales lady who sold you the dress should have ordered it in the larger size knowing it would not zipper. 

    i went with the intentions of loosing weight 30lbs that was my goal i went to a local bridal salon and found the dress of my dreams was measured 3 sizes larger than the sample but i was only a 4-5 inch diffrence from the sample and the second largest size  ( sample was a 22) dress i ordered was a 26 dress came in and it fit perfect in the waist but the bust was way to big i had to have it taken in at least 3-4 times and my 30 lb weight loss never happened if anything i gained a few lbs 

    its better to take in a dress then to try and let it out 
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