Simsbury 1820 House

Went to visit today. Hadn't yet put our deposit down at the Inn at Middletown. LOVED the venue. Very beautiful, tons of character and definitely workable for a small wedding. Any other 1820 House brides on here? Any advice? I know she mentioned they don't take a deposit? Did that seem weird to anyone?

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Re: Simsbury 1820 House

  • Its been a while but I was in a wedding at Simsbury 1820 and it was lovely but it is quite small.  They didn't have a sit down dinner and while it worked out fine I do remember we had to keep chasing after staff to make sure the bride and groom had something to eat.  It was an evening wedding in February so I didn't get a good look at the outside but the inside was really beautiful.  I know I'm not much help but I thought I would share what I did know.  
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  • @laurad75 what year? The current catering business took over in 2013.

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  • It was a long time ago.  Probably ten years now that I think about it.  
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