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  • "Washing" our pillows is what finally made me learn how to use the steam function on our dryer.  I had to dig out the manual for that one

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    I basically clean when I am having company over. Luckily we like our family enough to invite them over often enough to keep things from getting gross.
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  • Sheets - twice a week, FI is a furnace and the dogs like to lay on the bottom sheet until we make the bed.

    Car - Erm, when it looks dirty?

    Bikes - basic cleaning daily, proper full cleaning weekly.

    Dogs - When they're stinky. The boys love to roll in anything gross, so they've been known to get a scrubbing weekly (a Labradork and two Pitties) The girl is prissy, but loves a bath. I like to wash her, then dry her with the blow dryer and her brush so she looks like a jumbo sized Pomeranian (Golden Retriever Collie mix) because I think it's adorable. Then I stick bows in her hair.

    Jeans - When dirty. Some are single wear, some can go 3-4 times.

    Bras - every other wear or I get itchy.

    Face - every night

    Hair - when it needs it, summer is every other day, winter I can go four days easily.

    Grout - Bath tub, once a month. Floors, every six months.

    Screens - Every fall, take them off, clean, see if they need repairs. Run the vacuum over them when windows are open when I vacuum.

    Mattress - vacuum it once a week, spot clean as needed.

    Windows - inside, once every two months, outside, when they need it, depends on the weather really.

    Oven - When it looks icky. Basic wipe down weekly. And any spills right away. Same as the grill and smoker.

    Carpet - Hardwood floors here, they get swept most days, vacuum once a week. Unless the dogs are shedding, then I vacuum twice a day before the hair piles take over.

    Wood furniture - once a month.

    Upholstery - vacuum weekly, spot treat as needed.

    Purse - weekly

    Dishwasher and washer - monthly or the hard water build up needs dynamite to come off

    Dryer - the vent is monthly, rest of it is quarterly.

    Pillows - Quarterly, and pillowcases are nightly or I get really bad acne breakouts.

    Computer - weekly, phone/tablet - every day. More often if people are sick on all.

    Sink/drain - wipe out nightly, full cleaning weekly.

    Um, really, I'm not obsessive. We just have four dogs in an 870 square foot house. It's not hard or long to clean, and if we don't, it gets nasty fast.
  • --Sheets ---- once or twice a month
    --Cars ---- isn't that what rain is for?
    --Dogs ---- don't have one. Growing up, never. If they were smelly, we threw a stick in the river for them to fetch.
    --Jeans ---- once every few weeks.
    --Bras ---- ditto
    --Face ---- every night
    --Hair ---- every other day.
    --Grout (as in tile grout) ---- never. We don't have grout where we currently live. Growing up, it got cleaned as we mopped, but it never got specially scrubbed.
    --Window screens ---- those are supposed to be cleaned?
    --Mattress ---- if didn't know it was possible to clean a mattress. Also, that's why we have a waterproof protector on our bed, so we don't have to clean it.
    --Windows ---- well, we've lived in our rental for a year and have never washed them. Our last rental, we only cleaned them when we moved out, 1.5 years after moving out. Growing up, once every couple weeks. Those got dirtier with kids though.
    --Oven ---- been a year and we haven't yet. Basically, whenever it gets a major spill.
    --Carpet ---- we don't have much, only in the bedroom. I vacuum every few weeks. It doesn't get too dirty with never having shoes in it, not being in there a lot during the day, and not having kids. It's been a year and we have never shampooed it.
    --Wood furniture ---- when something gets spilled, which isn't that often since we have no kids. even then it's only a spot clean.
    -- Purse ---- never.
    -- Dishwasher ---- doesn't it get cleaned every time you run it? Never except for that.
    -- Washer & dryer ---- ditto the above.
    -- Bed pillows ---- never. That's what the pillow case is for, to keep it clean.
    -- Computers ---- never. I keep meaning to clean the screen, but never get around to it.
    -- Sink & drain ---- in the bathroom, whenever I clean the rest once every three or four weeks. (Yea, not as often as I should.). Kitchen - isn't that what happens when washing dishes in the sink?

    And now, after typing all that, I read the article. I'm a gross person apparently! I don't really care. A few germs are good for you. My mom never washed her purse, mattresses, dishwasher, washer, pillows and half the things on that list and none of us ever died. In fact, we all have pretty robust immune systems. I have the best immune system (figured by how often I get sick) of almost everyone I know.
  • Sheets - once every few weeks
    Cars - never
    Dogs - when his nails need a trim, we also do a bath.  I think about every 6-8 weeks
    Jeans - once a week or so
    Bras - once or twice a month but there are several on rotation (sports bras get done weekly)
    Face - every night
    Hair - every 3-4 days
    Grout (as in tile grout) - never
    Window screens - never
    Mattress - maybe once in the 10 years I've had the mattress
    Windows - a few times a year
    Oven - occasionally I try to scrub the gunk off the window; I've never used the self-cleaning function.  The cook top is wiped down every time we cook.
    Carpet - FI vacuums about every week
    Wood furniture - dusting? When it gets bad- every couple of months maybe
    Purse- every couple of weeks
    Dishwasher - I just bought cleaner packs for this! But I've never cleaned it before.
    Washer & dryer - washer a few times a year; dryer never
    Bed pillows - never...and instead of cleaning them, I registered for new ones and will toss the old
    Computers- when I'm dusting
    Sink & drain - once a month maybe

    A lot of my cleaning is when I'm avoiding something else and there's something dirty that's bothering me.  This list is motivation to call the cleaning company I've been thinking about!
  • Wegl13 said:
    I basically clean when I am having company over. Luckily we like our family enough to invite them over often enough to keep things from getting gross.
    Me too. But the only problem is the last dinner party I hosted was for my H's bday in January...

    *hiding in the dust bunnies*
  • Wegl13 said:
    I basically clean when I am having company over. Luckily we like our family enough to invite them over often enough to keep things from getting gross.
    Sometimes to get my ass in gear to clean, I convince myself that my MIL is on her way over. Works like a charm. 
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  • You can also dry your pillows in the dryer if you throw a tennis ball or two (inside a sock so the fuzzies don't get on your pillow).

  • emmaaa said:
    You can also dry your pillows in the dryer if you throw a tennis ball or two (inside a sock so the fuzzies don't get on your pillow).
    What do the tennis balls do? 
  • emmaaa said:
    You can also dry your pillows in the dryer if you throw a tennis ball or two (inside a sock so the fuzzies don't get on your pillow).
    What do the tennis balls do? 
    They kind of "beat" the pillows around and keep them separated and fluff them.

  • emmaaa said:
    emmaaa said:
    You can also dry your pillows in the dryer if you throw a tennis ball or two (inside a sock so the fuzzies don't get on your pillow).
    What do the tennis balls do? 
    They kind of "beat" the pillows around and keep them separated and fluff them.
    Huh... good to know. It's 9 am and I already learned something useful today! lol 
  • Sheets - when I was single....not, once a month? H is a fanatic about weekly sheet washing, and I will say they are nicer when they are clean. I am a clean towel fanatic.
    Cars- in the spring- frequently. I park my car outside and it gets yellow from the pollen.
    Dogs- don't have one
    Jeans- when they look dirty/have gotten super stretched out. But not before then.
    Bras- sports bras, generally after each wear (I get really sweaty) but after a few wears if I am not terribly gross. Regular bras, every couple weeks when I think about it. More often in the summer
    Face- daily
    Hair - as needed- almost never in the winter. More frequently in the summer or if I am exercising a lot. I would say, on average, 2-3 times per week
    Grout (as in tile grout)- not as much as I should. Generally, when it starts to look gross
    Window screens - hahaha. nope.
    Mattress- I don't even know how
    Windows - TBD. My house has A LOT of windows so it may take awhile
    Oven- when something spills
    Carpet - when it looks gross
    Wood furniture- I have a very dusty house, so I dust frequently
    Purse- if something spills?
    Dishwasher- um. nope.
    Washer & dryer- is this a thing?
    Bed pillows - never, but now I am thinking I should
    Computers- frequently
    Sink & drain- as needed
  • Wegl13 said:
    I basically clean when I am having company over. Luckily we like our family enough to invite them over often enough to keep things from getting gross.
    Sometimes to get my ass in gear to clean, I convince myself that my MIL is on her way over. Works like a charm. 
    I do this but not just with MIL, if I'm having trouble getting going I stand in the middle of the house and just think "would I be OK with someone stopping by right now", if the answer is no then I get going!

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  • Sheets  Every week
    Cars  So far this year, maybe twice
    Dogs  When she starts to smell
    Jeans   Every time I wear them
    Bras  Definitely not as often as I should, but probably every couple of months unless I was a huge sweaty gross mess then it goes into the laundry that day
    Face  Do makeup remover wipes count?  If so, then every day.
    Hair   Every time I get a shower so every day/every other day
    Grout (as in tile grout)  The only tile we have is in our showers so once a week.  And really we aren't concentrating on the grout, but rather spraying down the shower walls with cleaning product and then rinsing off
    Window screens  Been in our house over 4 years and have yet to do this
    Mattress  Never
    Windows  Once a year in the spring/early summer
    Oven  Never, but I should probably do this since H burned up some pizza bits in the bottom of the oven a few months back
    Carpet   I only spot clean when needed
    Wood furniture  I dust with pledge every week
    Purse  Never
    Dishwasher  Never
    Washer & dryer  Never
    Bed pillows  Never
    Computers  Never, unless you count me blowing on the keyboard to remove residual dust
    Sink & drain  The sink, once a week.  The actual drain, like past where I can see into the pipe, never

  • Sheets - weekly
    Cars - I don't have a car
    Dogs  - no dog
    Jeans - when they feel too soft or stretched out.  
    Bras - every 2-3 wears
    Face - twice a day unless I've been partying then I pass out w/make-up on & leave nice mascara prints on pillows.  
    Hair - every other day more or less. 
    Grout (as in tile grout) - Never, I just assume housekeeper goes over it when cleaning tub/shower walls.  
    Window screens - Never
    Mattress - Never but I'm going to try this now once a year.  
    Windows - interior: housekeeper does it every other visit, so once a month; exterior: never but I'm in a rented apt in NYC so no way I'm doing that for my landlord!
    Oven - Never (again, rental).  Or if I spill something. 
    Carpet - We only have rugs and they only get vacuumed.  I'm scared to think about what's under them.  
    Wood furniture - gets dusted every 2 weeks by housekeeper
    Purse - I use my Wireless Wipes to wipe down my coated canvas cross body bag and my laptop bag.  I don't clean my nicer leather purses and I'm not sure how to w/o damaging them...might have to check Pinterest for that but don't tell @trixiejess!
    Dishwasher - Don't have one (I know).  Right now, my dishwasher is DH and he showers once a day ;)
    Washer & dryer - Never, again, rental unit.
    Bed pillows - Never - I just replace them every few months from TJ Maxx but I'll try this to try to extend the life of them.  
    Computers - See previous post. Wiped with Wireless Wipes weekly.  
    Sink & drain - housekeeper does it every other week.

    I know, basically, I don't clean.  The housekeeper does most of it but as I've mentioned in other posts, we are in the middle of moving from New Orleans to my NYC apt which gets very little use (until now).  I'm on the road at least 60% of the time so I don't use a lot of appliances regularly and send the laundry out.  Thanks @novella1186, that's a super helpful link!
  • emmaaa said:
    You can also dry your pillows in the dryer if you throw a tennis ball or two (inside a sock so the fuzzies don't get on your pillow).
    I think I like the idea of putting the pillows out in the sun because sunlight is a natural bleach.  I mean we've all had something that's been left outside for too long and fades, outdoor furniture, flags, random things in the window.  So rather than adding Actual chemicals to my pillows, I just let the sun take its time to bleach them.
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    Sheets - once a week on average, sometimes every other week
    Cars - Pretty rarely unless it's starting to look really dirty. I keep my car interior pretty clean - no food or drink and we don't live up north so I don't have to worry about salt/gravel in the winter time.
    Dogs - Not as often as we should. She gets baths after going to the lake or if she's really dirty.
    Jeans - Usually once a week after being worn a few times.
    Bras - Sports bras get done after they're worn. Regular bras, definitely not as frequently as the article says. Once a month I'd say.
    Face - Twice a day - in my morning shower and at night before bed.
    Hair - Every day. Tried the every other day thing, and I'm never going back. It was gross as hell.
    Grout (as in tile grout) - Um, never? The floor gets mopped, good enough for me.
    Window screens - Never. You're supposed to wash these? Who has time for this?
    Mattress - Never. How in the world do you wash a mattress????
    Windows - Sometimes I Windex the insides.
    Oven - Occasionally, maybe a few times a year if it's starting to look dirty.
    Carpet - We have a carpet cleaner come once or twice a year. I vacuum every other week.
    Wood furniture - I dust every other week. That counts right? Are there other ways you "wash" wood furniture?
    Purse- Never? Would you take it to the dry cleaners? I empty it of receipts and stuff whenever it seems to get cluttered I guess.
    Dishwasher - I run the sanitary cycle sometimes, seems to keep it pretty clean and the heated dry with every wash so we don't seem to get mildew or lingering odors.
    Washer & dryer - Never on both.
    Bed pillows - Never. I thought you weren't supposed to wash these because it would ruin them? Anyway, we keep allergen liners over our pillows (but under the pillow cases) that get washed.
    Computers- If it looks like it needs to be dusted then I dust it.
    Sink & drain - It usually gets scrubbed weekly.

    I doubt I clean stuff as often as I should be, but honestly, I don't care. Our house generally stays pretty clean and clutter free with just the two of us. Every few years we replace our pillows and that's good enough for me.

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    Sheets - Once a week,more when the dog does gross things on it. 
    Cars - Uhhh, H does this. I never do this. I'd say monthly. 
     Dogs - Once a season (4/year) unless something important comes in . 
    Jeans - After like 15 wears. Honestly when they lose their shape.
     Bras - Well, I wear spots bras to work and those I washed after each use. My normal bras get washed once every two months? That's only like 8 wears though 
     Face - Twice a day (morning and night) 
    Hair - Every other day, unless I'm not going anywhere on the weekend, then I go for 3 
    Grout (as in tile grout) -don't have any? I don't think... 
    Window screens - don't have them 
    Mattress - never. 
    Windows - Only when they look like they need it. 
    Oven - Top of the oven? Daily. The deep clean setting? Never because it makes my fire alarms go off. 
     Carpet - Weekly. 
    Wood furniture - weekly. 
    Purse - Never 
    Dishwasher - Haven't yet, new in May 
    Washer & dryer - Haven't yet new in May 
    Bed pillows - This is so shitty of me, but I hate this so I just throw them out and buy new ones every 2 months 
     Computers - nope.
     Sink & drain - Weekly

    Eta: spaces!
  • Sheets I change them once a month
    Cars I can't even remember the last time I washed my car
    Dogs H bathed her a month ago
    Jeans after 3-5 wears or if I get them dirty
    Bras after several wears or if I sweat too much
    Face Everyday
    Hair 2-3 times a week although it is so much easier now that it is short
    Grout (as in tile grout) 1-2 a year
    Window screens n/a
    Mattress 1-2 a year
    Windows 1-2 a year or when really dirty
    Oven ummm when we moved? 
    Carpet n/a
    Wood furniture 1 month
    Purse 1-2 week
    Dishwasher n/a
    Washer & dryer never have but we bought them fairly recently
    Bed pillows ummm 1 year? 
    Computers whenever
    Sink & drain everyday

    Yes I "may" be kinda a slob but cut me some slack I am in medical school hahaha and H (almost wrote FI) is known to be kind of a procrastinator/ADD but I think we are pretty good. 

    NOTE: a pet peeve of mine with H is that he wears something anything for 1 minute and puts it in the hamper even if he didnt sweat or leave the apartment or anything. He is actively trying to be more conscious. 

  • Sheets - depends on season. More often in summer.
    Cars - uhm ... we've had the car a year and washed it once since getting it and that was right after winter
    Dogs - no dog.
    Jeans - my jeans rarely because I don't wear them often. FI's jeans, depends. Not often. {that's sounds gross .... wow}
    Bras - black when i start to see deoderant, white bra about same time i end up washing black.
    Face - 2x day
    Hair - 2-3x a week {my shampoo dries my hair out, so it doesn't get gross quick}
    Grout (as in tile grout) - floor never because the floor is awful, tub/sink when bathroom is cleaned so roughly once a week
    Window screens - nope!
    Mattress - when i change sheets I spray and vacuum mattress
    Windows - nope
    Oven - when i have to. i hate doing it
    Carpet - i vacuum like 4x a week {cat hair} but we've never washed our carpets. Might do that in fall
    Wood furniture - nope, and wood furniture we have needs to be redone so we can't use product on it
    Purse - when i change purses
    Dishwasher - don't have one
    Washer & dryer - don't have one {live in apt}
    Bed pillows - gross but we don't BUT I change pillow cases often {with sheets}
    Computers - anti-virus? It's a scheduled thing.
    Sink & drain - after dishes I wipe down and pour product down drain when cleaning bathroom

    Wow .... I feel gross. Haha!

  • Sheets - Once a month? I know we should wash them more, but I don't really care. 
    Cars - Once a season.
     Dogs - When he smells, or we get a good deal on daycare. You're not suppose to wash them too much. Less in the winter more in the spring and summer.
    Jeans - When they seem dirty (every few wears maybe)
     Bras -Sports bras every wear, regular bras: when I feel they need it. Once a month?
     Face - At least once, sometimes twice a day
    Hair - Every day, my hair is thick, but it get's greasy.
    Grout (as in tile grout) Never
    Window screens - didn't know you washed these
    Mattress - never.
    Windows - Occassionaly to get the dog nose prints off
    Oven - Top of the oven? when it's really dirty. I only cleaned my oven when I moved out of both apartments (after about 4 years each time). Lived in my house about a year, nope haven't cleaned the oven. It has a self clean button.....
     Carpet - Weekly. 
    Wood furniture - every other week or so. 
    Purse - Never 
    Dishwasher - Haven't yet, but I did buy those cleaning tablets due to this thread.
    Washer & dryer - The light has been on to clean it for a couple months. Just bought affresh and will do it next week.
    Bed pillows - I didn't know you could wash them. We have some really old pillows that we should just throw away (I threw one away a couple weeks ago when we got a new bed). Most of our pillows are new from last year though.
     Computers - when it's really dirty (every quarter maybe). 
     Sink & drain - My husband does the dishes.



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