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Is a VIP package worth it at a all inclusive resort?

Hubby and I will be married for 2 weeks tomorrow :) and we are planning a winter vacation/honeymoon. 
We want to go somewhere on the Caribbean and there seems to be a vast amount of AI resorts and options.

Has anyone done a VIP package at a resort? Is it worth the extra upgrade? We have been together for 8.5 years and the biggest vacation we have taken is a trip to TX to visit some of my family. Neither of us are big into traveling so we have never been to a resort... I guess we do not know what to fully expect! We also want to stay at an Adult only resort- thinking we will not want to have kids running around at the pool and beach.
Our budget is $5,000-$6,000 and needs to include airfare from Minneapolis. 

Re: Is a VIP package worth it at a all inclusive resort?

  • You can find a great AI for that budget! I've been to 2 AI's, Sandals and Excellence, really enjoyed both my vacations. Currently planned 3rd AI visit, this time going with Secrets in Cancun (not sure exactly which resort yet).

    First thing is to narrow down what kind of experience you want and whats important to you. Do you want 7 restaurants to choose from or is 4 okay? Do you want adventure and outdoorsy things or just to sit by the pool? Do you want fun nightlife and entertainment or a slower vibe?

    As far as VIP or preferred plans go I say go for it! It's usually only a few hundred dollars more and totally worth it. At most AI's you will get a higher level of personal service. Think of it as all the other customers are 50/1 customer service and being a VIP gets you 10/1. Faster check in, upgraded minibar, sometimes even a better room location. 
  • Depends on what is included. We have done the upgrade the last 2 times and it hasn’t been a ton more money.  I’m not sure if it is always worth it but it seems ok. Typically it includes upgraded alcohol but H drinks beer and I never notice good from bad. Both places also had a restaurant only for the upgrade bands so that was nice.  Last time, our honeymoon, it got us a butler although he was mostly MIA and didn’t do much which was frustrating since the restaurants are only do reservations for VIP (otherwise it is just show up and wait) and the butler is supposed to make them – since he wasn’t around I got others in the VIP area to make it for us so it worked but was annoying. VIP has also gotten us special check in areas, extra bar area with snacks, and maybe some other small upgrades.


    To be honest the best upgrade we’ve ever had was having the honeymoon package (just put honeymoon on the reservation) and we got a private beach dinner, champagne and strawberries, and an awesome room upgrade.

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    Whether the VIP upgrade is worth it depends on the resort. At some resorts, the VIP section is also the Adults only area. So, in your case (and mine), it'd be worth it. I've noticed this especially true at the larger resorts. Also, as other have said, it freqently means better booze and better service.

    A very nice AI that is all adults and we enjoyed is LeBlanc in Cancun.

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  • Thanks everyone! I think we are going to focus around the Cancun area since many of the flights are direct and allows us more time to be at the resort :) 
  • If you are focusing on Cancun look into Secrets the Vine.  That's where I went on my honeymoon and it was gorgeous.  The food was great, staff was terrific, they had fun activities.  We did an upgraded package that gave us access to express check in and the private pool upstairs.  We aren't really pool people, so it was whatever.  We did however tell them that it was our honeymoon.  Secrets required you to show a copy of your marriage license but then you get a bunch of free perks including breakfast in bed, turndown service, a bottle of welcome wine, and a vacation gift certificate for your first anniversary (which we ended up not using, but I think it was 5 nights).  All of this was at no additional cost.  A lot of all inclusive resorts have these type of packages, check the websites!
  • Just an FYI on the Honeymoon Package at Secrets, there actually is a cost. It's $999 but that fee is waved if you are staying for more then 6 nights in a Preferred Club room. There is a totally free one available to anyone but it doesn't come with nearly as much cool stuff, no massages or dinners on the beach and whatnot. So make sure you read the fine print!
  • Do check out Riviera Maya! It's a little farther from the airport, but the resorts are big and have lots of great amenities. 

    I don't think it's that worth it to upgrade if you haven't done something like this before.  My first time going to an AI place was amazing!  The drinks were awesome even though we didn't get "top shelf" and the entire time we were there we just kept saying- "let's come back soon, this is the best!"

    A friend of mine has stayed at the Valentin Imperial Maya for her honeymoon and loved it!  You should check it out! Our shuttle stopped there on the way to the airport and the couple getting onto the shuttle raved about their experience- they even had a harpist playing modern songs at breakfast.  It sounded amazing!
  • I think whether or not upgrading is worth it is a personal preference. We just stayed at Secrets Maroma Beach in Riviera Maya (check it out -it was incredible!) for our honeymoon and upgraded to the preferred club. For us,the better room locations & unlimited use of the hydrotherapy was completely worth it. There are obviously other amenities included, but these were the most important & worth while for us. Other people we talked to while there said they did it and it was a waste of money, but they weren't interested in anything that was included.  I would suggest looking into exactly what you get at each place, and see if it's extras that you will actually take advantage of.

    And as others said, definitely mention it is your honeymoon and look to see what packages you can get included!  Since we stayed for 7 nights we were able to get the honeymoon package included, with a private dinner, bottle of wine in the room & couples massage. Definitely a nice perk :)
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