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I've been trying to put a lot of thought into my favors because I honest can't stand useless favors when o go to weddings. I also have this thing about not wanting it to be edible because there's already going to be a ton of food. I've come up with a few ideas so far but I wanted to get your opinion on this one: baroque pearl pendant necklaces (photo attached). They are made by a local vendor and they are beautiful. I also would be getting them for $8 each (normally $15 each). I would obviously only be getting these for the females in attendance and have a different favor for the males. While my wedding is not on the beach, we are having it in a hotel right next to the beach, so I thought that was a cool tie-in with the pearl necklace.

My question is: is this too much for a favor (not financially, I'm fine with the price)? Is it too "uppity"? If you received this as a favor at a wedding what would your feelings be? I would love to know your thoughts/opinions!

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  • I agree with PP, I feel like this is a favor that will probably either get left behind, or taken and thrown away/never used. I wear the same necklace every single day. I don't take it off and I don't layer, so I would have no use for a necklace. Plus, add into it the amount of people that don't like silver, have allergies to metal, etc I just see it as a waste of money. 
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    There is a reason why edible favors are popular and always suggested...it is because they are well liked by the majority of your guests and typically are not left behind or thrown out/donated once your guests get home.  Yeah you may have a ton of food at your wedding but an edible favors is nice for the drive home or for a late night drunken snack back in your guests hotel room.

    So I think your idea will be a huge waste of your money.  Not everyone has the same taste in jewelry or even likes to wear jewelry.  I know for me I wear my e-ring and wedding band but other then that it has to be a super dressy affair to get me to wear anything else and I absolutely hate necklaces.  If I were a guest at your wedding and saw that this was my favor I would be "accidentatlly" leaving it behind.

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    Jewelry is far too personal to be trying to buy for the masses. 
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  • Agree with PPs.  I do think it's too much.  And what would the comparable "guy" favor be?  A tie pin? Cuff links?  Again, you'd find yourself in a situation where not all guests would want or need such an item.

    If you don't want to do a edible favor in the sense of truffles or cookies, I'd think about something that's edible-ish (ie: something that doesn't need to be consumed quickly).  You said it's a beach wedding, you maybe you could find a great dry spice rub for fish, or maybe provide the mixers and recipe for a local cocktail.  You could also think about something like a regional jam or jelly.  Sure, not all of those types of favors might go but you'd probably be able to re-purpose a dozen jars of spice rub more easily than a dozen nearly identical necklaces.

  • I vote no on this.

    Jewelry is a personal thing. I do not like the necklaces that much. Plus I have one necklace that I wear every single day. It does not come off ever.

    Stick with something they can consume quickly. That way even if you have left overs there is a good chance you can use them or give them to others.
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    I LOVE JEWELRY.  I seriously could wear a different pendant or necklace every day for at least six months and not repeat.

    I don't want other people buying me jewelry unless it has sentimental value or they are extremely close to me and know my taste (and I've actually had people close to me guess what I'll like based on what they've seen me wear and they've been very wrong).  Despite my massive jewelry collection, I'm picky.

    I have a few friends who love mixing up their jewelry like I do, though their collections aren't quite as large.  But I have even more friends who really just aren't into jewelry.  The majority of them are like some of the women above.  They either have one very special necklace they wear 24/7 or they don't like necklaces or they just don't like or wear jewelry other than their wedding bands.  They'd probably take them because they'd feel badly about you spending so much money, but they would totally get regifted or put in a Goodwill box if they aren't left behind.

    I really think you'll be wasting your money.  I know you don't want edible, but it's universal.  Everyone eats.  Not everyone wears jewelry.  Remember that the favor is about them, not about you showing off what you like - it's a thank you to your guests.  Heck, you don't even need favors - they aren't required.

    ETA:  And just out of curiosity, what is the men's favor?  What if I, potentially being a woman who just isn't into jewelry, want the men's favor instead?  Are you going to have enough of both favors to accommodate?  Or is the men's favor going to be as equally gender-specific?
  • I agree with everyone else, I don't think this will work. I have metal allergies so unless you are buying me a gold necklace I can't wear it and would quickly donate/give it away. My personal opinion on favors is to not do them, I can't remember a single favor I have received at a wedding and I almost always forget to take them. If you want to do something I would do edible even though you are saying you will have lots of food at your wedding, I just feel like any kind of trinket is too hard to appeal to the masses. 

    If you want something a little different and are clearly willing to spend the money what about something like a $5 Starbucks gift card or $10 to Fandango? Then they could get a coffee the morning after your wedding or on their way to work, or go see a movie on you.

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    Jewelry isn't really a one size fits all purchase. 

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
  • AddieCake said:

    Jewelry is far too personal to be trying to buy for the masses. 


    And if you're saving $8/person, you could add some fun apps to cocktail hour, extend the reception by an hour, upgrade your honeymoon, etc.

    If you don't want edible, hire a photo booth. Favors would be the strips of photos.

  • Another vote for too much. Great item for brides maids, but not so much for guests. I get not wanting to do something edible. So here is an idea that I was going to do, but due to the time of year my wedding was, figured it wasn't a good idea. Paper with seeds in it. They plant the items in the spring or in a flower pot, and when the flowers are blooming, they will think of your wedding. I opted not to do it because with having a late fall wedding in Ohio, I figured the majority of the guests would lose the item before it was time to plant it in the ground.



  • I'm in the "no" group on this.  While I love a nice stone pendant, really, for $8 the metal is going to tarnish in a short amount of time and then what do you do with it. For that matter you could purchase brooches in a neutral shape (i.e. snowflake, fall leaf, spring basket)for your female guests and they'd be something more likely to be worn depending on where you are in the country.. 

    For $8 you could purchase individually boxed up cupcakes/muffins and set them on the table where guests will be leaving to take with them.  I know you're NAF of edible favors - but the reason they're usually a hit is because they're "Neutral to the masses". 

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    Skip it.  I'm sorry, but I don't wear cheap jewelry.  And it's alot of money to spend for a favor that is likely to get left behind or thrown out.  I would stick with an edible favor and not be concerned that there's already alot of food - favors don't have to be consumed at the wedding...I will often bring mine home and eat the next day.
  • I think this is a classic useless favor idea. I don't wear cheap jewelry.
  • Like PP's have said, I wouldn't like this .  Give me an edible favor I can eat tomorrow or on the ride home.
  • another no vote! I'd never wear that and would think it was a very odd favor to be given.  Definitely prefer something edible, no matter how much food was at the reception.  I'll be hungry later. 
  • If you're really stuck on the jewelry thing then maybe comprise with a candy necklace. Edible and wareable.

    In all seriousness edibles are by far way more crowd pleasing. Just skip favors and save the money or upgrade the booze (if you're having any) or the food.
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