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Scavenger Hunt Photo Contest!!


Re: Scavenger Hunt Photo Contest!!

  • jenna8984 said:

    @minskt30 it still didn't work! sad panda that I'll never get to see this photo!

    Awwww, sorry. That usually does the trick for me.
  • @jenna8984 Does this work? Sometimes I can't see gifs or photos because the site they are hosted on is blocked for me (like tinypic and photobucket).


  • @labro yesssssssssss hahah thank you!!!!



  • We need more participants. 
  • @AuroraRose41 OMGGGG those are the most amazing breed mixes I have ever seen! I didn't know a pitbull could get any cuter but OMG!!

    @TwoDimes Indy looks traumatized in your grand finale. ;)

    [Deleted User]minskat30lavenderfields13AuroraRose41
  • you guys have the best dogs ever. I need a dog.



    speakeasy14minskat30AlPacina[Deleted User]
  • @jenna8984 - EVERYONE needs a dog.  Just saying...dogs are the best.  Especially fluffy ones you can bury your face in.  ;)
    speakeasy14[Deleted User]jenna8984
  • There is about an hour left for submissions, ladies! @cu97tiger - I want to know how you so easily decided what to do for pooping!

    [Deleted User]
  • Crap (pun intended), I totally spaced on doing this.

    @alpacina - I'm putting what I was going to do below, even though there are no pictures to go along with it:

    - Something that starts with the same letter as your first name


    - Your favorite drink


    - Pooping

    A picture of Fritz or Freddie pooping

    - Your neighbors

    Old people gardening (constantly effing gardening... they have full time jobs, and every spare minute they have is out in their backyard)

    - Furry/fuzzy things

    Furry collar of my puffy vest

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    Still here and still fabulous!

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