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How to wash Chair Cover

edited December 2015 in Ohio-Cleveland

I need help

I bought used chair covers and need to wash them. I am trying to wash them at home so I don't have to pay for dry cleaning. Does anyone know how to wash chair covers at home? Or am I better off going to a dry cleaner.



Re: How to wash Chair Cover

  • What type of fabric are they? Chances are you can wash them in cold with woolite and be fine. I would wash just one as a test. For drying, depending on the type of fabric, you may have to line dry them or dry on gentle. Make sure to pull them out of the dryer as soon as possible to limit wrinkles. But depending on the type of fabric they are, prepare to have to iron every single one. I would stock up on hangers so that way you can hang them over the bottom of the hanger after each one is clean & ironed. You can probably put a few on each hanger. You may want to invest in a steamer too so you can freshen them up after you put them on the chairs at the reception. Depending on the weight, type of fabric and how many you put on a hanger, you may end up with a mark from the hanger. But that's still better then fold marks.

  • thank you for getting back to me. The chair covers are satin. Does this change everything?

  • With them being satin, I highly recommend that you get a portable steamer because after you wash them, you'll have to iron every single one of them & then either fold them or hang them over a hanger. Even with that, satin can wrinkle easy, so you'll want to put them on the chairs as early as you possibly can because you may need to touch up each one with a steamer to get any wrinkles/folds out of the fabric. Allow yourself (or whoever you get to do this) a lot of time to do the initial ironing. If you don't want to iron them yourself, then get them dry cleaned, by you'll need to find a place to hang them all or store them laying down & still get yourself a steamer to touch them up after putting them on. This is where having a day of coordinator may come in handy because you can make this part of their duties to put the chair covers on and make sure they look nice.
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