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Name Change- Can I drop my first name instead of middle?

I just got married in October and I assumed I had a choice of which name I wanted to use- first or middle.. apparently I was wrong! I have been doing research now and to change a name in NC takes like 3+ months and involves newspapers, court houses, the sheriff's office, the state bureau of investigation, and the FBI. Is this really the process I have to take to use a given middle name that I have legally been using for 26 years? Elizabeth is on all my official paperwork right now- it's not like I've just decided to give myself a new name... 

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Name Change- Can I drop my first name instead of middle?

  • I had similar experience in NC a couple of years ago when I got remarried. The answer I got when applying for my marriage license was that in counties that require a birth certificate (all do not) the name must be as it was on your original birth certificate unless you've had that amended. I ended up using 4 names since I go by middle name and could not drop official first name. I didn't have to go through what you are though since my name was changed at the time we applied for license. I think your process kicks in if you don't do it simultaneously with marriage. HTH
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