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  • Thank you. Appreciate the honesty. I feel scared that I'm sacrificing my own beliefs and intuition/instincts for her. Makes me depressed. 
    Altering how you approach or communicate to someone isn't sacrificing your own beliefs. And your own beliefs shouldn't extend to HER behavior/dress/values.
    I see. What about my beliefs that wearing a mini skirt at a religious event is inappropriate. So does the clergy. 
    She is an adult, it's up to her to dress appropriately for the occasion and venue. If she does not that is not your issue. Stop pursing your lips in disapproval for another adult.
    With all due respect, are you pursing your lips at me? It kinda feels like it. I'm not trying to be rude. I just want to be clear that that's how it feels. 
    Ha, you've got me. Yes I am. In my defense, at least I'm also trying to help you.
    I do appreciate your honesty!  :)
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