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WOO HOO Wednesday!


Re: WOO HOO Wednesday!

  • @beachyone15 - YAY! Congrats on the raise, that's so exciting!!!!

    @TwoDimes - Omg your lunch. I can't. It just sounds so incredible! 

    @labro - I love salami so I'm a little sad about losing 9 of them. Jealous of your sandals. SO jealous. 

    @MissKittyDanger - Thanks! 

  •   @labro jealous of your sandals, there was ice on my car this morning.  
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    @speakeasy14 Eeeewwww nope nope nope to ice! It got down to 39 one night this week but it's mostly stuck in the 40s at night.

  • @minskat30 HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and happy bday to your H! I am going to see UFC Gym, it's new in my area. Whether or not I take classes will depend on how much the membership is and if they're included. I am not a big fan of taking classes though, I get frustrated and I'm too competitive. It's better for me to just go and do what I need to and leave lol
  • @minskat30 Yea those insecurities show their ugly face every now and then. I struggled a lot with them in high school and college than I do now. Thank you though. Your post made me smile.
  • @eilis1228 Thanks! I think H and I do alright - we never eat fast food, but the carbs always find me.. I wish my stomach would just flatten out a lllliiiitttle bit.

    Jealous of your day today! I get to work from home Friday, I'm so excited for it.
  • @untouchablets - Thank you and congrats on the weight loss yourself! 

    @minskat30 - You are GORGEOUS! Happy anniversary! And thank you so much <3 EIGHT DAYS! 

    @eilis1228 - Thank you! Jealous of your WFH PJ day! 

  • @eilis1228 thanks for the recommendation! I don't know if there's a 24 hour fitness around here but if there is I will check them out!
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    @eilis1228 - I'm sorry the quilt might need to be scrapped.  What is wrong with it?  I was thinking about you and @audrewuh recently...I picked up some fabric and was thinking about asking a tailor to make something very simple with it (a simple blanket basically) and several tailors/dry cleaners quoted me INSANE prices to sew two pieces of fabric together essentially.  Needless to say I scrapped the idea but it make me realize how nice it must be to have a practical skill like sewing or quilt making.  ;)  
  • @minskat30 - Happy Anniversary! Your H and my H are kindred spirits. Mine hates frosting too. I just don't get it. He usually wants a cinnamon coffee cake for his birthday. I guess the only good thing about it is that if we ever do have cake with frosting on it, he gives it all to me!!!

    @eilis1228 - I'm so jealous of your pj day. I'd give anything to work from home!

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  • @eilis1228 pajama day is the best! enjoy it!

    @minskat30 aaah you're way cuter than me! the fact that you are even wearing nice clothes and cute shoes, I've been on the jeans and sneakers bandwagon for months now. Happy anniversary!!!! Enjoy your tapas tonight. And I'm dying at the Raj/Pam. My cat does that with cans....she thinks every can is going to be tuna juice for her so she sprints in. I feel so guilty when it's olives or broth.....hahah

    @untouchablets nice job on the closet, hope you find a gym you like!

    @labro I wish H & I had half your after-work motivation. holy cow, we don't get anything done on weeknights lol. That mailbox sounds really great!



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    @minskat30 I didn't. :( I thought about it because it's fun...but I wouldn't feel comfortable sharing our house number all over the internet. I'll shoot you a text later when i get home and can take a photo!

    Before the base of the mailbox was just bare wood with metal silver numbers and a black (but rusty) box. So I re-spray painted the box to cover up the rust and refresh the black and I painted the base and spray painted the numbers.

    Happy ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And happy belated birthday to your H!!

  • @beachyone15  congrats on the raise!

    @PamBeesly524 Death to apartments lmao!

    @minskat30 happy anniversary!
  • @caseface5 - I highly recommend a BOB or LOB!

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  • @minskat30 Happy Anniversary! And Happy birthday to your H! I hope you had frosting on the side for yourself at least!
  • @Swazzle - You look amazing!

    @jenna8984 and @beachyone15 - Congrats on the raises!

    @caseface5 - Can't wait to see your hair!

    Ugh, y'all.  The depression has hit hard and it's making it hard to do anything, so I'm really glad to come here and see all the positivity.  It took me 3 hours to get out of bed this morning, but then I had a few small victories: put on make-up, did some dishes, and took the dog for a walk.  I also managed to make it into the office, although I have yet to accomplish anything.

    Is anyone else feeling WOO HOOish about anything?
    Not at all.  Depression is a lying bitch and ruining my day.

    What are you wearing today? 
    Gray skinny pants, white button-down, pink TOMS

    What are you feasting on today? 
    Breakfast: Rice cakes with peanut butter and a banana; coffee
    Lunch: Leftover chicken and shrimp pad thai
    Dinner: Either leftover quinoa and chicken stew or leftover ham/brussels sprouts/mashed sweet potatoes
    Snacks: baby carrots and hummus

    What's your favorite physical thing about yourself?
    I think I have awesome boobs.

    What's your favorite non-physical thing about yourself?
    Usually, my work ethic.  On days when depression decides it needs to be in charge, nothing.
  • @labro - Duh, I totally didn't think mailbox = house numbers when I asked that question.  I'll blame pregnancy brain.  ;)

    @speakeasy14 - Mmmmm, frosting.  I didn't buy any because I didn't want to eat the jar by myself.  I should have in retrospect.  
  • @futuremrshistorian - Thank you! I'm sorry you're still having a rough time. Do you have a therapist you can make an appointment with? 

  • @futuremrshistorian - Some days, it's an accomplishment to just brush your teeth.  Hug!
  • @minskat30 I second what @eilis1228 said! Maybe there are some sewing classes in your area? I've found it to be very handy in gift-making and sewing holes in clothes, hemming pants, etc.
  • @Swazzle - I have an appointment with a new doctor, but I couldn't get in until the end of April.  I will never understand why it is so difficult to get in to mental health practitioners!

    I just keep telling myself that if I make sure to take my meds and do the things that I know help with self-care, this too will pass and I'll start feeling better.  And then I can talk to the doctor once I get in to see her.
  • @CocoBellaF - I just managed to make coffee.  I'm feeling pretty proud of that fact.
  • @futuremrshistorian - Ugh I'm so sorry you have to wait that long. That's so ridiculous. Mental health really truly needs to be made a priority in this country. Sending you huge hugs and vibes that it passes quickly <3

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    @futuremrshistorian Ugh big big hugs! I'm sorry you have to wait until the end of April to see someone! That is absurd!

  • @futuremrshistorian - My doctor tells me that on days like that, to make 3-5 small goals (like "smile at a stranger") and write them down and check them off.  Physically checking them off seems to help a tiny bit.  I think making coffee and putting on make-up definitely count!!
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