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  • @futuremrshistorian  That's awful how long you have to wait :( As everyone said, mental health is so important.
    I had a bad bout in January and honestly, I just didn't force myself to do much and figured out how to self-care until I could see my dr {luckily I got in fast}
    I know it sounds weird, but for me doing yoga, meditation and baths with music that would force me to sing along really helped.
  • @MissKittyDanger - Not weird at all.  I'm a pretty avid yogi...I practice anywhere from 3-5 times per week usually.  I'm planning on going to a class tonight.
  • @AlPacina - You look HAWT!

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  • Hi all,

    I'm sorry to be a bad friend. I know I have been MIA and I'm not replying to anyone's posts today. I just need to ask for some vibes for me and H. I'm embarrassed to admit this but we are going through a rough patch in our marriage (only 2 months in.....makes me feel very pessimistic). It all started around budgeting but has since spiraled to incorporate some major communication issues. This past weekend was basically hell because we weren't speaking and H actually went MIA for a few hours after he finished work on Saturday before coming home and talking it out.
    I feel like some trust has been seriously broken, and that's such an awful feeling. We go back to therapy on Monday and H says he will start individual counseling next week too. I sincerely hope that some day we look back on this time as the best thing that ever happened for us, but right now it's just sad. I don't want to have all these negative feelings towards my H.
  • @alpacina - You look smoking!!!
  • @jenjen047 - *Huge hugs* I don't think you have any reason to be embarrassed. This may just be my personal opinion, but I think what matters most is that these things are finally out in the open. Sometimes they don't come out in the best way, but getting it out is the first step. What works best for me in situations like this is making sure you're level headed, and then just sitting down together in a quiet place to talk through it and each person being accountable for what happened during the fight. If it takes more than one attempt, so be it. I really hope you guys are able to get through this, and the fact that your H is willing to go to individual counseling is a good sign.

    @futuremrshistorian - Your BF sounds like the absolute sweetest, and I'm so happy he's able to be there for you today.

  • @jenjen047 - Hugs to you.  I'm sorry you guys are going through a rough patch right now.  I think most of us have been there.  I'm really glad you guys are going to therapy to try to work it out.  Vent here if you need to...we are here for you.  
  • @minskat30 - Thank you! Your red dress is amazing! You should really bring that one next weekend.

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    @jenjen047 - I'm sorry to hear that, but I agree with Al that it's good you two recognize that there is an issue and are able to work together to try and fix it. That alone speaks volumes about your marriage. Hang in there! Hugs!

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  • @alpacina @minskat30 @beachyone15 - Thank you. The problem is that H is very good at saying the right things. Before we got married we talked about goals, beliefs, priorities, values, money, plans, etc. and we were on the same page. Even after the wedding, when we first discussed and allocated our budget, he was 100% on board and in agreement with everything. But then when time comes to actually act on it (ie skipping out on a game of golf), he can't/won't do it. So while I want to be encouraged that he's saying all the right things, I'm not 100% confident.
  • @jenjen047 Hugs. I agree with all the other wise woman that you are already speaking volumes by trying to resolve these issues. We are here for you!
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  • AlPacina said:
    @minskat30 - Thank you! Your red dress is amazing! You should really bring that one next weekend.
    Whoa whoaa whoa... we're dressing  up? I thought this was gonna be a yogs and messy bun kinda weekend ;-P

    GAH I'm SITB!

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    And the second bolded:

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  • @jenjen047 it sucks that you guys are struggling, but huge props for admitting there's an issue and seeking unbiased help through therapy.  Keeping my fingers crossed that it helps you guys find a good balance. Feel free to vent away.
  • @speakeasy14 - By the time YOU get there it probably will be! ;)

  • @jenjen047 - I'm so sorry you're going through a rough patch right now. I agree with PPs that it's definitely good that you both know where the issue is and I hope that therapy will help get guys back to the good stuff. Big hugs! 

    @speakeasy14 @AlPacina @minskat30 - I only own yogs. 

  • @jenjen047 I don't have any advice but HUGE hugs and vibes that you both will come out from this better and closer than ever. You have friends here even if you don't post so much anymore :) 
  • @jenjen047 I send you my best wishes! That definitely blows, but I think you can get through it if you both put in the effort! I hear you on "saying the right things" and not acting through on them. It's tough! *Hugs*

  • @jenjen047 - All the big hugs and best wishes and T&P for you all.
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