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Gift for Bride (Sister-In-Law to be)?

My brother is getting married in about three weeks. I already purchased a few items from their registry, some of which were given at the shower and others that will be on the gift table at the wedding. I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas for a small ($50 or so max) gift I could give to my soon-to-be SIL on the morning of the wedding? I've already purchased a small Kate Spade ring dish for her, but I'm just not sold!

I am giving my brother a very heartfelt, sentimental gift - a tie bar with our late father's handwriting engraved onto it. I'd like to give the bride something meaningful too, but since I don't know her all that well, I'm drawing a blank. It certainly doesn't have to bring her to tears or anything, but I'd like it to be something special.

Any ideas are appreciated!

Re: Gift for Bride (Sister-In-Law to be)?

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    Do you know if she keeps a journal (or would like to start)? You can give her a pretty journal to record the first year (or more) of their marriage. Inside, tuck a letter for her to read on their first anniversary. 

    I love the gift you chose for your brother.
  • I do love the gift you gave him! Very nice. I like the birthstone idea, but if you don't know her well it is hard to give someone jewelry. What about something like this-click here? it is a bit cheesy, but maybe will help you get started in your search. 
  • I think it's hard to give a meaningful gift if you don't have any history with the person that is meaningful yet.  Assuming this is someone you like and look forward to having in your family, I think the most meaningful thing you could do is give her a handwritten letter welcoming her to the family and letting her know you look forward to building a relationship with her.
  • Maybe a photo album or scrapbook full of childhood pictures/memories of your brother, or something along those lines? I'd find that heartfelt and sentimental.
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    I think @drglitter 's idea is nice, if she's super sentimental. @jacques27 has a nice idea, too. A heartfelt letter welcoming her to the family could also be nice.

    Is she living out of state from where she grew up? If so, I like to give state-shaped cutting boards (from aHeirloom) or state-based necklaces. Maybe you have something like that in common? Anything related to a shared hobby could be nice...

    Acquire some of the same flowers as in her bouquet and press them, then cover them in mod podge and frame them?

    k thnx bye

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    When I got married, my SIL wrote me a very heart-felt letter and imparted a lot of lessons-learned from her own marriage. It was touching and very meaningful to me even though we hadn't developed an incredibly close relationship at that point (due to living far away from each other). I honestly think a letter is a great way to go. You don't have to spend money to give her something from the heart.

    Does she like stationary at all? I have some really pretty stationary sets from Rifle Paper Co. that I absolutely adore. I don't write a ton of letters, so it's fun for me to have something really pretty and "fancy" feeling to turn to when I do.

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