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  • @TwoDimes  I've heard of those sheets but they're not sold in Canadian stores yet apparently :(
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  • @twodimes - Do you know the brand on those sheets? I hate the ones we have right now (they stick to me when I roll over, and sometimes come off the bed altogether) and I think H would like that they are 'cooler'. (oops, just saw your link, thanks) Also, I'm drinking a protein shake and it is also yummy!Yours sounds amazing!
    @speakeasy14 - I love your outfit. I wear dresses a LOT in the summer, so that time is coming. That cake looks amazing. My birthday is 8/20 in case you wanted to make one for me ;)

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    "You are made of win." -SopChick
    Still here and still fabulous!

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  • @twodimes I totally need those sheets too, sweat factory over here! We are seriously torn between Eli & Cole. We would both be equally happy with either so we can't decide!

    @speakeasy14 I was thinking that too, maybe her name got cut off the card since it was from Babies R Us. Um, your outfit and that cake look DIVINE.

    @cu97tiger that is so cool that your bakery does the free anniversary cakes, and that your friends get to chow down on them since you moved hahah



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    @TwoDimes Do those sheets hold up really well with regular use? I'm jumping on the bandwagon! We need a new spare set of sheets and those seem great for me! I can't sleep when I'm hot.

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  • @speakeasy14 I want that cake!!!

    @beachyone15 I watched a video on Youtube on how to make a rag wreath but she used a different base than I did but I followed the same directions....her version was probably a lot easier because the base had less space to fill though. Here is the link:
  • @speakeasy14 LOVE that dress and wow that cake looks incredible. Glad your bf was so excited about his gift!
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    @speakeasy14 I seriously need that cake in my life. Is there a particular recipe you used? Maybe I can make something like it for my mom for her I can eat it....

  • @speakeasy14 Hey pretty lady!! Also, you know my address I would like some cake please and thank you!
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    @TwoDimes - Your new sheets sound DIVINE! Yay shoe twins!

    @speakeasy14 - YUM, that cake! You're so pretty :smile: 

    @beachyone15 - Congrats on the loss! I love your hair! I'm planting tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, red pepper, orange pepper, jalapeno, cilantro, and cat nip! 

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  • @cu97tiger Haha sure, you're within driving distance (though I'd have to make you one booze-less)
    @beachyone15 I'm not sure, I don't want to make any plans until I know what his brother and SIL have planned.  So far, I know we're going to the Xgames on Saturday. Once I know their plans, I'll let you guys know if it's possible!
  • @southernpeach89 I hopped on my phone so I could see your pic hahahha love the expression!! You looked so good!

    @beachyone15 thanks! due 8/2 so 10 weeks to go. I think ice cream at parties is usually cheap and crappy so I'd hold out and then use the calories later on for some high quality stuff!



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    @jenna8984 Woo that clears things up! Definitely write a thank you to everyone!

    @beachyone15 Congratulations on the loss! I vote indulge in some wine tonight rather than ice cream! ;)

  • @wink0erin get it!!! It's super comfy, and affordable on ModCloth. Stitchfix has this same dress in a bunch of other prints/colors but I think they charge more for it.
  • ugh... I wish I could get away with breaking the employee dress code...
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    @speakeasy14 I hate bullshit dress codes so so much! I won't of the reasons I even like my job is because the dress code is so casual. I'm sooo glad to be out of a job where I had to dress up every day and the dress code was super strict!

  • @wink0erin no leg shaving necessary with maxi skirts ;)



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  • So the heavens opened up and the rain poured down on H and I as we ran from the car to the cafeteria. Then the rain slowed down just for the time we were inside, then reopened on us as we left.

    "Drowned rat" doesn't even begin to describe it. Murphy's an asshole.
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