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Guess what day it is?


Re: Guess what day it is?

  • @labro that's my issue.  My office does have a super strict dress code, but there are certain departments that apparently do not have to follow the rules. Here I am in a suit dress and blazer, and three women walked past my desk in freaking neon, loud ass print leggings (leggings in general are a banned clothing item).  The only time it was ok for me to not be super dressed up was when I was on crutches. As soon as the crutches were gone, comments were made that I need to dress appropriately. If there's going to be a strict dress code then it needs to apply to everyone.
  • @speakeasy14 Ugh that is crap! My whole office is business casual (but more on the business side) and some people REALLY push it. Even worse is that no one is allowed to wear jeans, ever, not even on Fridays, yet some of the staff comes in with jeans on the reg. Like, happy Tuesday, Jim is wearing ratty ass jeans again. I was once reprimanded for wearing dark blue workpants with a heathered texture, because someone thought they were jeans. Like wtf. There are people that wear cargo pants regularly too, even though those are against dress code.

    @jenna8984 I only wish I could wear maxi skirts. I own one and it's so comfortable but I hate how I look in it. 

  • @labro they're so pretty! I wish hydrangeas didn't make me sneeze like crazy. 
  • This day. 

    I want pizza and wine.

    [Deleted User]KeptInStitchesAuroraRose41speakeasy14
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    My boss is out today and the auditor requested backup from him (and CC'ed me). I was so f-ing bored that I collected and scanned it all. Get me out of here!!!!!!



  • @jenna8984 that's a scary level of bored
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    wink0erin said:

    @PamBeesly524 I love that dress! I might need to get it so me, you and @Alpacina can be triplets.

    @wink0erin - YES! The dress is awesome. You should definitely get it.

    @PamBeesly524 - You look insanely cute in the dress. I'm trying to hold off on wearing it until the wedding, just in case, but it's so hard!

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