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Re: Tuxes

  • CMGragain said:
    This isn't about rigid rules.  It is about knowing what the traditional dress rules ARE before deciding to do something different.

    About judging people - get real.  Everybody judges people by how they dress and present themselves.  Ever been on a job interview?
    Aunt Sally judging your wardrobe choices at a wedding does not equate to a job interview. Will her judgement determine your future life choices? Not likely, so she can judge all she wants and it won't take away from the fact that I feel gorgeous in my outfit.

    Knowing the "rules" doesn't matter if I'm not going to be traditional.
  • I disagree.  Dress non-traditionally if you wish, but KNOW that it is non-traditional.  Ignorance is not OK.  Thoughtful decisions are.
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    Traditionally Tuxedos are ordered around 4 months prior to the wedding but you know your schedule best so don't fret! They can match the BP if you want but they don't have to. Personally I think the distinction of your grooms attire from the rest is symbolic and looks good in photos. (Edited due to TOS violation)
  • Reported.
  • Jells2dot0Jells2dot0 Cowtown
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    CMGragain said:
    @CMGRagain I have warned the poster and edited the comment.


  • Guys and Girls for me are matching with bow-ties and shoes are the same color for a black and white wedding. Shoes and bow-ties are blue.
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