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Momzilla on the loose

I'm less than two weeks out from my wedding, and apparently it's become invasion of the bodysnatchers with my parents. I've been told not to say its my day, she's pretty much telling the bridesmaids what to do down to the final details (i mean final details nail polish color etc..). She's pretty much implied without saying it that she disagrees with the music I've chosen. Going to dad is out of the question because he sides with my mom. I'm supposed to be excited, and instead of being excited I'm stressed out from dealing with this. Any advice on how to handle a momzilla without evolving into a bridezilla?

Re: Momzilla on the loose

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    How much is your mother paying for? She is entitled to a say about anything she is paying for (although not veto power).

    I would ignore a lot of what your mother is doing.

    Tell your bridesmaids to wear whatever nail polish colors they like.

    If your mother isn't paying for the DJ, then she doesn't get a say about what music he plays. Tell the DJ that only you and your FI are authorized to speak to him or make song selections. (Of course, if your mother is contributing to his cost, then she does get a say.)

    Beyond that, take your mother aside and tell her, "Mom, it is not my day, but it is also not your day. The wedding is not yours to control. It is not up to you what my bridesmaids wear or what music the DJ plays, or any other aspect that you are not paying for. Your unsolicited negative opinions are not appreciated, and if you don't stop complaining and trying to give orders about every aspect of the wedding, I will stop discussing the plans with you and including you in them."

  • Why does it matter what color nail polish the BP wears???
  • Whatever your mom is paying for she has a say in... so if she's footing the DJ bill, she does have a say in the music. Money often does come with strings.

    If you're paying for everything, just tell your BMs and your vendors to smile and nod and then ignore her.


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    I think it would be nice for you to give her a few song selections even if she isn't paying for the DJ. If your wedding is like DD's, there will be people of varying ages attending. Your Mom's selections might be taking her age group's music preferences in mind. That being said, we gave DD a list of songs to pick a few from for us. The DJ didn't play any of them. We had several couples attending that love dancing to older songs (Sinatra-ish). Unfortunately we didn't get to do so.
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