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  • I agree with a lot of people who are saying give the money back.  You sound unhappy with the direction this wedding is taking already and the only thing you have is your dress.  This site will teach you a lot about planning a wedding and dealing with family.  This is a good time to separate yourself from your parents.  They may not like it, your mom will likely be hurt, upset and maybe even mean about it.  Consider if you want to go through this whole process not feeling even a little good about the decisions being made.  Even the one thing you have you wish could have a small, insignificant change and you are being told no.  

    If the only money that has been spent is the deposit on your gown either buy the gown yourself or cancel the order and give your mom her deposit back.  Then you and your fiance can elope the way you want and maybe throw a nice anniversary party in a few years when you have the money to host guests the way you want to host them.

    If you don't build this boundary now then your marriage could be infiltrated with expectations your mom has of how involved she should be in your lives.  Being "agreeable" jut to keep the peace is not always the best decision. You don't have to be spiteful or nasty but you do need to be mature and draw some lines in the sand.
  • Oh crud, sorry, I just realized how old this is...
  • the only person who definitely wont see it is my fiance. everyone else to my discretion. 
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