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Random hosting question (NWR)

FI and I are having a holiday party at our house tomorrow.  We have a finished basement, but it is going to be "off limits" because it's a total wreck down there (in the middle of a flooring project right now.)  There is no door that can be closed; the kitchen leads right into a few steps down to a side door, and then the steps turn and head to the basement.

How should I make it known that people shouldn't go down there?  A few people who will be attending have been to other parties where we did use the basement, but most have either never been to the house before or haven't been down there. (We eventually plan to put our bar station down there, but for now we pretty much only entertain on the main floor unless it's a massive party where space is an issue.)

Re: Random hosting question (NWR)

  • is there another way to block it off?
  • Tape across the doorway to block it. 
  • Have you told people there's renos being done? Maybe just saying "basement's off limits until it's done" might be enough
  • Thanks everybody!

    I really like the tension rod idea!  I will plan on doing that.  I forgot to mention in my original post that we will have to slip down there ourselves a few times over the course of the night since that's where FI's precious ice machine lives.  
  • Hmmm.... I feel like if the lights are left off, that's a pretty big signal to someone who doesn't live in your house that says, "don't come in here". If you welcome your guests in and lead them to the living room (or wherever) and show them the food and drink, I presume they would generally stay in that area (I always stay where the food is ;) ).

    I would never wander aimlessly around someone's house unless I was introduced to that area. I went to a holiday party the other weekend and the host let everyone know "there is additional seating upstairs" (she has as bonus room on the second level). We used this area, but then her bedroom doors were closed. I wouldn't presume I was allowed upstairs until she directed me so, and then I wouldn't help myself to one of her bedrooms with the door closed.
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