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Has anyone used KF Bridal?

Has anyone ordered bridesmaid dresses from KF Bridal? I can't find any reviews on them. Has anyone used them? Are they legit? 

Re: Has anyone used KF Bridal?

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    Their site looks OK, but I would be nervous about ordering a dress that I couldn't see in person and try on.  There are so many other options, like David's Bridal, Alfred Angelo, and department stores.
    Maybe someone here has used them?
    Just yesterday, someone commented on another thread how annoying it was, as a bridesmaid,  to deal with mail order companies and returns.
  • We’re getting married in July. I have recently purchased 5 apricot blush bridesmaid dresses from kf bridal and i must say its worth every penny. The quality of dresses along with the color are everything we expected. All my bridesmaids loved their dresses a lot! I chose the dresses from kf bridal because of course its much cheaper than the stores that i have visited, thankfully this online boutique is the real deal and they did not disappoint, and I am so glad that I took the risk.

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