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Dear brides, my name is Susanna and I married the love of my life at Oheka Castle this August 2009. I used their house vendor, MME Entertainment, for many services, one of which included our wedding videography. However, 3 months after the wedding (this past Wednesday 11-18-09) they informed me that they LOST my wedding video!!!! I still cannot stop crying! I have asked all of my guests if they had shot any home videos of the wedding, but I am out of luck, nobody has. MME Entertainment said that they are still looking for it, but somehow it was accidentally taken off of a desk by someone? and that they still have not found it since October 30th,2009! Thats almost 3 weeks ago. They said that they erased the copy from their computer, but why wouldnt a professional company save these things until the customer receives the final product!? I was informed months ago that I would be picking up the video, nobody told me that it would be sent! Was the video even made? How can I know? Bottom line, my video is gone. Does anyone have any advice! I cannot stop feeling faint when I think about this.


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    I would at the minimum demand a refund for all videography services, and if you paid to feed the videographer, I would want them to pay for that plate.  And if they won't pay, I'd sue.  You paid for a service and didn't receive it - you deserve a refund.  I would also tell Oheka what happened and advise them to remove MME from their house vendor list.  Additionally, if MME refuses to give you a refund, I would report them to the BBB.

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    Oh my goodness!  I am sorry that happened to you!  I hope it will turn up!  I would definitely demand a refund!

    I am getting married at Oheka March 2011, I will steer clear of this vendor, even though they are on the recommended list!
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    Wow!, Just wow!

    As a videographer myself, this seems unbelievable! Immediately after a wedding I make double backups of all video and audio assets to ensure that nothing like this ever happens.  Additionally once the video is complete and in the couple's hands I always keep duplicate backups just in case the couple loses the DVDs I give them.

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