HELP! Maui Wedding Budget?

Hi All! 

I am am so happy I found this board! 

I am getting married in Maui in August 2018 but am having some serious issues with our budget. I feel like the amount we are spending keeps increasing daily. 

Initially we planned to have a very small intimate wedding ceremony (less than 10 people) on the beach coordinated by Simple Maui Wedding for $2500. 

After much discussion we decided to invite 65 guests to the wedding. We understood the trek from Texas to Hawaii is not easy or inexpensive and figured we would be lucky if half were able to make it. 

At at this point, we are anticipating roughly 50 guests. Since I had already booked my ceremony with SMW I opted to transfer the wedding to a venue (very slim selection with SMW). We searched and searched, finally deciding on Hotel Wailea’s Sunset Lawn which can accommodate our guests. The cost to have our wedding at a venue now is $4000 plus $300 for a ceremony musician and $400 for a plain bamboo wedding arch, chairs, my bouquet, and photography for 1.5 hours is included. 

I initially intended on doing a small reception/dinner at Hotel Wailea but the cost was astronomical (12k+) and I didn’t like the lack of privacy at their restaurant. 

After more searching, we decided to have our reception at the private dining room at Spago Four Seasons. Initially I really wanted Gannon’s but they were already booked for a wedding on the same day. 

So far the food and beverage minimum is $5000. It is higher than what we wanted to spend, but I was so tired of researching so we proceeded. Since we had slim pickings. 

Now I feel like I cringe at the thought of still having to coordinate flowers and a DJ. My fiancé and I both agreed that we didn’t want to spend more than $10000 on this day. 

Wondering if if anyone has any suggestions on maybe what I should do or what a realistic budget should be with this size group? 

I was quoted $1500 for a DJ plus $450 for a dancefloor (3.5 hour reception). Is this reasonable? 

Bella Blooms quoted $1300 to complete my reception decor and bouquets. I am not against DIY flowers but I get to Maui 2 days before the wedding and am afraid I will be running around like crazy. Should I just do the bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres, and  decor myself? 

I would love anyones advice since I am the only person I know who has planned a destination wedding. I’m sorry for the novel, just very stressed 4 months out. 

Thank you for reading and helping! 
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