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Paperless Invitations

We really want to do invitations and rsvp's online!  What are the best sites?  Paperless Post seems very reasonable and reliable.  Any others out there that I should take note of?

Re: Paperless Invitations

  • I think Paperless Post is the "nicest" of the online options. Online RSVPs are a great option and can help you track your responses easily. You may want to consider a non-online RSVP option for guests who may not be computer savvy.

    I would reconsider online invites though. Occasionally the emails from Paperless Post or Evite get trapped in my junk folder, and it seems like a random occurrence when it does because our friend group uses them for most get-togethers. 
  • ShesSoColdShesSoCold bend over and I'll show ya
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    I've never received an invitation via paperless post and I would probably think it was spam, if it even made it passed my spam folder.

    I really think that paper invitations (you can still do RSVPs online!) are much better for a wedding. They don't have to be expensive. I bought a template on Etsy and it cost like $30 to print them at a local print shop.

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  • I agree with PP.  Many times these types of invites are sent directly to people's spam or junk folders which will just cause you a headache.  So I say spend a couple bucks (you definitely don't have to spend a lot) and send paper invites with RSVPs done online.
  • We really want to do invitations and rsvp's online!  What are the best sites?  Paperless Post seems very reasonable and reliable.  Any others out there that I should take note of?
    I agree with others about reconsidering. I checked my email(s) for the first time in 3 months yesterday. I had about 300 emails in each so I was just whizzing through mass deleting a bunch of junk. I use my work email daily and don't give that out to anyone but co-workers and vendors. I can say that your invitation would either have been received too late or not at all. I encourage you to do paper invitations with an online RSVP option.
  • Echoing PPs.  I once got added to a group FB message about AirBNB accommodations for a friend's wedding. I hadn't received an invite so I let them all know and removed myself from the group chat.  The bride reached out and let me know I had been invited.  I had to go back weeks and weeks in my spam folder to find it.  It seems like more trouble than it's worth IMO. 
  • Jen4948Jen4948 Houston
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    Unfortunately, even if paperless invitations don't get caught in spam filters, people tend to overlook them or not take them as seriously as paper invitations.

    I'd just use paper invitations.
  • I just want to come back to this and write for any future bride wanting to go the electronic route.  I AM SO HAPPY I WENT WITH PAPERLESS POST!  

    The process was incredibly easy, painless and inexpensive! 

    We have over 300 people invited.  I emailed the invitations yesterday mid-day and within 24 hours, I have over 35% of my RSVP’s.  I can also see that the large majority of people have opened the invitation.  Actually, only 13% have not opened it yet.  I absolutely love the simplicity and ease of using the Paperless Post.  I am able to track everything and sent reminders as my RSVP date gets closer.  I also printed a few hard copies of invitations to mail to the people that do not have email. 

    The response from guests is overwhelming!  They love the design, concept and the fact that they can just link the information to their calendars.  There is even a comment wall for people to leave their well wishes!  Their shared excitement as they open their invitations is so fun to watch!

    I love that it only cost me $58 for invitations.

    I am so happy that I stuck with my gut and went this route!  I would definitely recommend the Paperless Post!

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