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Okay' I realize that a similar question might have been asked but I can't find quite what I'm looking for so I hope it's okay that I ask here.

There is a group of friends that FH and I hang out with - mostly FH, as this group is very clicky and hasn't been inclusive until recently.  Anyway, there is another older couple that hangs out with the group, whom we only see in association with the group (we'd never call them and be like "come over for dinner"). I put them in the "people we like but are friends-of-friends and wouldn't expect an invitation to their life events" bucket.  

Anyway, this guy plays in a band, and they are a very talented old-school classic rock band.  I always have a great time dancing to their music.  FH asked me what I thought about hiring them for the wedding - I said I would think about it, but don't reach out yet until I've thought about it more.  I was leaning more towards a DJ due to specific genres I'd like to be played.  FH got quite tipsy one night and asked him what their rate was to play at the wedding.  We ended up hiring a DJ who will also play guitar, sing, and play ukulele (FH is Hawaiian). 

Fast forward a few months.  Now this couple assumes they are invited to the wedding (I know they assume based on a conversation I had with them at mutual friend's baby shower - story below).

My question is - how do I handle this situation? Is asking about hiring someone the equivalent to an invitation?  Are they just being presumptious? Or is that a perfectly reasonable assumption to make??

Not sure if these details matter, but FH asked about possibly hiring the band about 5 months ago or so.  The baby shower conversation happened this past weekend, and the wedding is in 11 months.  Also, if this helps, when the guy in the band's wife said "we're so excited for the wedding, we'll also be in that area 2 weeks before that as well.  Let me know what you need help with, I like doing this kind of stuff" - I responded in a joking way with "Oh, be careful what you offer, I might take advantage".  I was completely caught off guard and was not sure if FH had just had a conversation with them prior, as I saw him talking to them earlier in the day - also, he must have spoken with them because they wouldn't have otherwise known our date as we aren't FB friends with her (earlier that day she asked when the wedding was and I said "September of next year" with no specific date - the fact that she knew which week exactly says that he spoke with them in between that time period - I wasn't sure what else to say, especially if he already said he was inviting them).

Help!!  Thank you so much!

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