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Tennis court floor covering for a reception?

I'm a bridesmaid in my cousin's wedding. A friend has offered their home for the reception and she is planning on having the tables and dance floor on their tennis court. Has anyone done this? What did you use to cover the court so that the tables/chairs/high heels didn't scuff up the court?

Re: Tennis court floor covering for a reception?

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    Try a flooring rental place. 

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    Many rental companies offer dance floors and such that you can rent.  The issue becomes is the cost of the rental going to be at or more than the cost of a hall that comes all-inclusive.  Also - what is the plan in case of rain or high(or cold) heat/temperatures (Many a wedding cake has melted from the sun alone and it's not the baker's fault when it collapses because it was in an improper space... not to mention bugs being attracted to icing!)...  
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  • The party rental companies (the ones that rent tents, tables, chairs, etc.) usually also rent out floors.
  • I've been to events in gymnasiums where the floor is covered with some sort of heavy canvas-type thing. It's very thick, heavy material, so it shouldn't "scuff up," you know, with foot movement like if you were walking on chiffon or something. It's usually multiple pieces and the edges Velcro together.  Like PPs said, talk to rental companies. 

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