Nevada-Las Vegas

Hair & Make-up! Stylists that are experienced with 3C/Biracial/African American/Black hair?!

I am eloping to Las Vegas in October, and I am beyond overwhelmed at all of the choices for even mobile hair and make up services. I am especially spazzing about it because I don't have the average hair type, and so many stylists get intimidated by it. I was wondering if anyone has any experience or knowledge of stylists who are used to working with textured hair. I have called/emailed a dozen or so, and they're all telling me they can handle my hair. But My past experiences going to s stylist I have never been too before are terrifying to say the least. A lot of "experienced" stylists who are used to more of a fine and smooth texture have struggled with even blowouts on my hair.  Any suggestions would be appreciated. Mobile service is preferred, but not required. We will be staying center strip. 

Thank you!
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