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Addressing Save the Dates

Hey all! I am sending out save the dates and need to address one to my aunt and her grandson. My aunt's husband died and her son (father of grandson) has passed away as well. I am thinking that I should address it as...

Ms. First Name Last name
Grandson First Name
City, State, Zip

Does that sound right?

Re: Addressing Save the Dates

  • I'd ask your aunt.  Some are old school and prefer to still be Mrs. Hisfirstname Hislastname and others prefer Mrs. Herfirstname Hislastname and still others use different titles.  If the grandson is under 18 and lives with the aunt then he would have Master before his first name.  
  • I'm pretty sure most widows I've known have gone by Mrs. HerFirstName HisLastName. But it's definitely worth checking with her. 
  • What about adding in the grandson? Is it okay to list his name after hers? He spends 1/2 of his time with my aunt and the other 1/2 with his other grandmother or his mother... when she is around.
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    If he is a minor, he can be added to your aunt's save the date and invitation when those go out. If he is an adult, he should receive his own. Sending it to your aunt's address is fine.
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