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I know how everyone here would answer...

I can’t find the Reddit thread but here is the Twitter with screenshots. I’d have to say writing an essay to attend a wedding is one I haven’t heard before. 

Re: I know how everyone here would answer...

  • I found the reddit. And now I'm sucked into the comments. 

    Where do these people come from?
  • I sent this to my sisters with an "I'm so glad we're not these people."  LOL
  • Oh this addendum is  

    Edit2: Sister has framed these essays as “surveys” but there’s a word limit requirement so if you don’t reach it on the google forms you can’t even submit. Parents think this is perfectly reasonable, nice even, because sister is letting everyone have the chance to attend.
  • My response:

    Hey Sis.  Obviously you're grappling a lot with too many guests and not enough room at the venue, that you've even resorted to people auditioning for guest spots.  My wedding gift to you is I am RSVP'ing "No".
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  • I'm also in club "Here Are my 250 Words - NO!"...  

    If the bride can't figure out how to cut people down and sends that crap to her direct family and only sibling...  It's CTJ time for a "Time to grow up - life sometimes involves crappy decisions - "can I get you the Kitchen Aid mixer to just stay home???" (scary reality - it's cheaper than everything else DW!)
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    Can I just say I love AITA?!

    I wonder if the happy couple will post their favorite essays as part of a forced montage during the reception?
  • @flantastic, your essay was a bit wordy. I still read it all, but it was a bit wordy. 

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