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Hello brides!
I am currenlty in the process of searching for a cermony site. We are religious and prefer to get marry in a church. The family church will not accomodate the guest size. I ran across Annuciation Catholic Church downtown and the location is great and the size will more than acommodate the guest. Does anyone know how much it will cost for parishoner and non-parishoners? I would really appreaciate the help before contacting the priest. Thanks in advance!

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    I don't know this particular ones but we priced our church vs. other Catholic churches and ours for a parishioner was around $400..non parishioners at other Catholic churches varied. $1200-$1800 was what we were given....plus each church has their own rules so I'd contact the church directly to get all the details.
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    We looked at this church over the summer and it was $500 ($200 deposit to hold the date), we were non-parishioners.   We really liked it, and in fact we did book for our date, but have since decided to move the wedding down to the League City area.  It was a really nice church, good luck to you!
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    I had my wedding there - PP is correct it is $500 to marry there (does not matter if you are a parishoner or not) and you bring your own priest I think (we were planing on doing this any way so I cannot remember the rules for this) They also book up FAST. They only take bookings starting July 1 of the previous year you want to get married. (ie. if you are getting married in 2012 you can book now, but if you are getting married in 2013 you cannot book until July 1 of 2012 and after). DH, my parents, and I got there by 6AM to book starting at 8am on July 1 and there were 8 people already waiting outside, one bride and her mom slept outside - no joke

    They only book one wedding a Saturday there ceremony time cannot be later than 2:00 - we begged for 2:30 they were OK with it bc we were not having a full mass. They also do not book any weddings during lent, and the first Sat of the year, and I thin one other time during the year as well.

    I think it is one of the prettiest churches in Houston, and it is also one of the oldest. I absolutely fell in love with it after I saw the inside. Also we had around 300 guests and it fit perfectly. Good Luck!
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    Oh thank you guys so much! I really appreciate it. I will be giving the Priest a call tomorrow.
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    [QUOTE]Oh thank you guys so much! I really appreciate it. I will be giving the Priest a call tomorrow.
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    </div><div>I will be standing in line this year on July 1. Are there any other tips anyone can share? I'm nervous about the first come, first serve rule. We are planning for a wedding on January 18, 2014. How early should we get there? 

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