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Hello!  I'm looking for a seamstress in Columbia to handle the alterations of my bridal dress.  I need to ship the dress to them as well so given my schedule and working in a hospital.  Does anyone have a name of a reputable and trustworthy seamstress that I can use?

Thank you!!!

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    Try Juanita's on Main!
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    Jane Strivens in Irmo, SC.  She can be a bit pricey, but you cannot beat the quality of her work.  I've seen her completely re-make the top of a dress after another seamstress ruined it.  She is fabulous.
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    I know this is WAY outdated from this posting....but I came across it when searching for a seamstress this year. I would highly recommend Simply Sewing on Two Notch Rd. (The ones listed below were no where to be found- not sure if some went out of business?) Anywho- I usually get my pants hemmed by Darlene @ Simply Sewing, and knew that I didn't want to spend a fortune on altering my gown. She did a fabulous job on shortening the dress but still kept each layer symmetrical, brought in the sides and top (kept the right ruching pattern), and created a bustle for the reception. It was a GREAT price (under $150)- and she didn't take ages to get it back to me (like I hear happens @ David's Bridal). Give her a call!  
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    If you need gown alterations go to Shirley's on Millwood.  It is small shop but the work is impeccable! I got my gown at David's Bridal and had it shortened, straps tightened and a bustle put on.  We did 3 fittings to make sure it was perfect.  Shirley was fantastic to work with and the dress came out perfect. I highly recommend her!

  • Does anyone know how I can contact Jane Strivens in Irmo, SC
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