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Hey guys, I'm getting married on October 30th, and I am having a horrible time trying to pick a photographer.  Everyone recommended Blue Mountain Photo Works, they were my first choice but they are not available on my wedding date.  

Do any of you have anyone you love that has a similar style to Blue Mountain?

Thanks for your help!

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    I don't know about similar style but you should check out Bliss Photography at .  We have done our engagement session with them and it was incredibly fun and while we only got to meet one of them, she was incredibly easy to work with!  I had a rough time with a photographer too but our officiant suggested them and it was a great choice.  They have more galleries on
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    I don't know of your price point but check out these...

    Lisa Carpenter Photography - she is a little more pricey but worth every penny.

    Hammett Photography - my photographers. Husband/wife team so you get two photographers

    Josh Jones Photography

    Travis Bell Photography - a little more pricey but great photographer.

    I hope this helps.
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    I highly recommend Judy Kay & Wayne Bryan out of Saluda.  I've hired them for my wedding..packages include engagement or trash the dress and bridals plus all day coverage from 2 photographers.  She also does not charge for travel and has a great price!

    Here's a link to my engagement pics as well as her site!

    All of her contact info is on there.
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    Hi Amber! I'm available on your wedding date, I'd love to chat with you. My website is
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    she's out of anderson, sc. natural light photographer and does a wonderful job. also a friend of mine, full disclosure - but she's doing my pics! wouldn't pick anyone else!
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    I'd recommend Chi Photography in Charleston.  Has worked with my budget and has been great so far.

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    Christa Harder Photography LLC

    [email protected]

    ***No Travel Charges for NC, SC, and GA!***
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    You can try Megan Manus at she is going my photos for my engagement session, bridals, & day of.  The pic that Blue Mountain has on their website with the girl facing out of the window - Megan does that a lot.  You can check out her blog to get a feel for her style.  She's super friendly and really good.  She's out of Sumter but will travel.  Good Luck!
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    edited December 2011 They are AMAZING and awesome and unbelievably talented...They are doing our wedding and they are amazing
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    I think we're going with Rebecca Perkins also. Our first choice was Lauren Gossett but she went MIA... if you can't return an email or phone call, you probably aren't reliable.
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    Thank you guys for all of your help!  It was really heartbreaking that Blue Mountain wasn't available, but we did find someone that they recommended.  

    It says a lot that they were willing to help us find someone even though they couldn't do it though.  
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