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sand to include our mothers???

i am doing a sand ceremony for my wedding, i love the idea that it can never be separated.... i really want to somehow incorporate our mothers into this part... any ideas? i know like with unity candles, the mothers light the two separate candles, and the couple then lights the unity candle, but i'm unsure of how to do this with the sand ceremony.... any suggestions? thanks!

Re: sand to include our mothers???

  • We did a sand ceremony and our mothers carried each jar/container and held it in their lap during our vowels.  When it was time to get the sand from them, H and I both walked to our mothers and gave them a kiss and continued on with the sand ceremony. 


  • We're inviting our moms up to poor a little of their our colors to represent the foundation they gave us as individuals.  This is what our script looks like (sorry the formatting is all jacked up- i just tried to copy and paste lol):

    Today, brideand groom, have chosen to represent their love for each other in a special sand ceremony. There are two women for whom words could never relay the gratitude in our bride and groom's hearts, their mothers. Please join us. 

    MOG and MOB, you have contributed so much to groom and bride's lives and who they’ve become today.  They wish to symbolically thank you by inviting you to join them in their sand ceremony.  Each of you have been provided a small vase of sand.  MOG, please poor a portion of your sand symbolizing the foundation you’ve given groom.  MOB, please pour a portion of your sand symbolizing the foundation you’ve provided for bride.

    Groom and bride, each grain of sand in your separate containers represents a unique and separate moment, decision, feeling or event that helped shaped you into the separate and unique individuals that you are today. As these two containers of sand are poured into the large container, the individual containers will no longer exist, but will be joined together as one. Just as these grains of sand can never be separated and poured again into the individual containers, so will your marriage be, united as one for all of your days.

  • I like what PPs have suggested. The mothers wouldn't even need to hold the sand the whole time if you don't want them to. They could carry it down the aisle and set the container in the designated area and then get up to pour at the appropriate time. Or the sand could already be set up beforehand. But I like the idea of having the mothers each pour a little in before you and the groom do.
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  • thanks so much! i LOVE the idea of each pouring a "foundation" for us..... I think that is what we will use... that totally just lifted a huge weight off my shoulders... THANKS SO MUCH!!!
  • my pleasure! glad it helped!!! 
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    I also want to do a sand ceremony and you all just gave me sme ideas :)
  • Looks like your question has been answered but I was going to suggest 2 things

    1-have the officiant say something along the lines of "We invite the women who gave the B & G their first to the stage and give the B & G their last kiss" or something like that.

    2-we gave each others parents a "gift" (rose) during the ceremony as a thank you for raising each other.  Here's a pic of me giving the gift to my MIL.

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  • Thanks for sharing your sand ceremony wordage.
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  • Such great pointers! Thanks ladies.
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