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How we met and what is happening now...I met my boyfriend earlier this year thru work. I work in the emergency department and he works doing patient care transport. I had noticed him a few months before we started talking and had mentioned to my co-workers that I thought he was the most beautiful man I had ever seen. We all assumed he was married. He walked thru our department regularly as he had patients coming thru us. Other than drool every time he came thru, I never got the guts to eve ask for his name!One day, one of my co-workers ended up chasing him down a hallway as he was with a patient and asked for his first name. I ended up asking him later that afternoon for his name and number.The rest is history.As months have gone by, I have fallen deeply in love with this man. I fractured my pelvis this summer and had major orthopedic work done. This poor man dealt with so much with during that time. He never once left my side. He never got upset with me on all those rough days when I didn't treat the way I should have been. He put up with a lot.We have discussed our future together and are in the process of getting engaged. The ring has been picked and we have both agreed that this is definitely the route we are going to take.Here I sit so madly in love with this man, waiting to start that new chapter together. He's hinted that the holidays is when he is looking at popping the question(and I a cannot wait to see how he is going to be doing this).So for now, here I sit, try not to think about it, I don't even mention it to him so that no pressure is not put on him. He'll do it when the time is right.How exciting this is. What an amazing past months it has been.How are you all ladies handling the waiting? :D

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    I am learning patience. I thought I was good at it, but it turns out I need more practice. So far I know that the ring we picked costs more than we can afford right now, but we're both working extra hours to get ahead so we can get out of debt so we can get rings so we can get married. Whew! So I guess we just work until things fall into place. I'll be graduating in 2 1/2 semesters, so then I can get a "grownup" job and make real money and not have to wait tables at the Olive Garden.
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    I hate the waiting! But hopefully it won't be too much longer! Whenever I'm having a hard time with it I just try to focus on how happy I am that I have him PERIOD! It's also hard to me not to talk about it or make him feel any pressure. It will happen when it happens!!You have a cute story! I'm hoping for an official proposal by the holidays too!
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    It is so exciting there are others that are dealing with the same waiting but excitement of THE day. Can't wait to see when you all get your ring and hear the adorable stories attached to them.Keep the stories coming!Good Luck Ladies!
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