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Hi Everyone!

I introduced myself under the main post but I thought I would also say hello here because this seems like such a tight group and I felt strange just starting to post!

A bit about me.  I joined TK knot about four years ago and became psyco about planning my "future" wedding.  About a year later I woke up one day and realized how insane i sounded.  Although I never posted before and just browsed I still looked insane!  Sure I had been dating my BF for about six years but we were definitely not engaged.  So when my realization sunk in I decided to delete myself for awhile. 

Now a few years later I am back and MUCH more levelheaded.  I am still with the same guy, 10 years total, and still not engaged.  But that is ok.  I am only 25 and in my eyes we have plenty of time.  Both of us have been trying to finish school, reach career goals and settle into adult life before we reach the big E!  We do talk about it often but planning is no longer something I am interested in until it is time :) 

I look forward to reading about everyone! 

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