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that awkward part of the ceremony...

I HATE when the officiant says "is there anyone here who can give just cause for this man and this woman not to be married?  if there is, speak now or forever hold your peace".  it's so quiet for those few seconds and it's really uncomfortable!  I really don't want this being said at our wedding but i havent  had a chance to talk to my officiant yet. 
i highly doubt someone will speak up or pronouce their love for either my fiance or i right before we are married...but i still don't want it.

is this something that has to be said? 

Re: that awkward part of the ceremony...

  • No, absolutely not. It's silly. Our pastor is not adding that into our ceremony. 
  • Just don't have it in the script for the ceremony. Problem solved!
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    It wasn't in our ceremony.
  • My Church requires it. My Priest has crazy stories about when someone DID say something. [I'm sure it won't happen to you, but it does happen.]

    If your officiant doesn't require it, it's not required.
  • That was not said in our ceremony...  You can really tailor your ceremony to your tastes.  Talk to your officiant.
  • We didn't even put this in our ceremony.
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  • We skipped it.
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  • Wasn't part of our ceremony either
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    okay good.  i will talk to my pastor and ask him to leave it out.
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    I haven't heard that asked in 20 years.
    If you're worried, speak with your officiant
  • That wasn't part of our ceremony.

    In my church (Catholic), names of couples to be married are printed in the weekly bulletin 3 weeks before the wedding date.  Those who wish to "object" apparently must do so in writing instead of the whole storming in and screaming "NOOOO" like in cheesy romantic comedies:-P

    I don't know if that's just my church, or all of them.  I've been to many weddings where that phrase wasn't used.  It didn't even come into the conversation with the Deacon who presided over our marriage.
  • Another person who skipped it. I've also never actually heard it in any other wedding I've attended.

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    I've actually never heard it said at any wedding I've attended ... only on TV and in the movies.  We certainly did not have it in our ceremony.
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    I don't think I've ever heard that at any ceremony I've been to. I got the book for our ceremony readings (we're Catholic) about a month ago and it's not in the script at all. I would ask for it to be omitted, I don't think there is a real need for it to be in there, at least not in our age of checks and balances.

    I think it was done years ago before there were marriage licences and paperwork on married couples. Or blood tests. The only way a marriage could be contested is if someone wanted to argue why the couple shouldn't do it. Once we started a process of documenting these things, that sort of fell by the wayside.
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