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how did you choose your program style? (repost)

i just decided to do programs for our ceremony. the main things i want to highlight are:
 the names of our immediate family and bridal party
titles and excerpts from our readings
a thank you to our families
the fact that the song my dad & i dance to is a recording of him singing
that the candy bar & bags to fill up will serve as a favor
an explanation of a few of the things we are doing in our reception

fyi: i tend to be a "wordy" person.

i don't know where to start as far as choosing what size or layout for the programs, can you ladies please help me by letting me know your thought/planning process in this? TIA!

Re: how did you choose your program style? (repost)

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    I think it depends on if you want to print them on your computer yourself with template paper or make it completely DIY or buy them.  If you make them yourself with template paper, your options are pretty limited to at least bi-fold (half-fold) or tri-fold paper.  If you make them DIY you could do a booklet style, square, fan, etc. The possibilities are endless. 
    I chose to do a half-fold program because I didn't include a lot of info in ours and I found paper I really liked online.  Start looking at photos and see what you like.
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    Programs tend to be ceremony-only; I've never seen reception-specific information (like the parent dances or the favors) in the programs.

    For ours, we did one of those Brides kits at Michaels, so we just browsed the aisle until we found a design we liked that was reasonably cheap, and then adapted our information to fit.
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