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Help! White vs. Ivory Dresses...

I have found a dress I really love and it only comes in white or ivory.  I have very fair skin with pinkish undertones and I love the white dress, but I am not sure if I can pull it off.  I am okay with ivory, but I am not sure that the dress will be as pretty in ivory and I am scared to order it in ivory because I am afraid it will look yellowy or something odd and the style won't look as good. 

This is the dress:

Any ideas or opinions?

Re: Help! White vs. Ivory Dresses...

  • The truth is that only a handful of ladies can pull off all white. My dress was diamond white, which was a bit of a brighter sparkly white. I didn't like the all white. I never considered ivory, but think it is very pretty.

    Given your skin tone, I would go with off white/diamond white or ivory. The sales lady where I bought my dress said stark white actually only looks good on darker skinned girls. While I have dark hair, I don't have very dark skin. I think I would have looked like a ghost in an all white dress.
  • I agree with PP, you should try to try it on in both shades, if not, try to find a dress from the same designer in the ivory to try on before you order.
  • I would suggest trying on both colors to see which you like best. It's not true that fair-skinned ladies can't wear white, I'd like to think I pulled it off just fine. ;)
  • MIne is ivory and I love it. I tried it on in ivory, and thought that if it was white it wouldn't look as nice.

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  • I'd say ivory. I myself am fair skinned with pink undertones & the white was just too harsh on me & I choose an ivory dress. 
  • First see if you can try on a dress in ivory so you can compare it with the white one you want. My sister is very fair with pink undertones and she got a white dress and she looked gorgeous...but I'm a little browner but not brown enough to pull off white. So I opted for an ivory dress...mainly bc I loved the dress and the one I tried on was ivory. When I talked to the salels lady she said that ivory in the store is darker in color than any ivory you buy b/c the dresses in the store have been touched by a lot of people plus they are exposed to the elements. She assured me that my ivory dress will look white when it comes in. Good luck!!
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  • I agree, if you can try on both, do that first. I have pale skin with light hair, so the off white/ivory works better for me. And to be quite honest, I cant even tell that its not white. Good luck.
  • I have the same issue and I think that ivory would work for you, and would look fine for the dress. A big misconception is that ivory is old and yellow looking, it's really not. Looking at the two on top of each other is like looking at a really dark brown and black, you can see the difference there, but when they're separate, you really can't tell. But I agree, ivory looks better than white on probably like 95% of people, and you'll never know the difference.
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    I think ivory looks better on pretty much everyone who doesn't have dark skin.  Plus, you don't want your dress to be whiter than your teeth ;)

    Remember that ivory isn't cream.  Most people won't even be able to tell that it's not white.
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  • I'm a fair skinned redhead, and I'm going with ivory.  One of the dresses I tried on was white, and my oldest daughter informed me that I would not be wearing white--it looked horrible on me.
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  • I am another vote for trying both colors and judging for yourself. I am fair with pink undertones and everyone, including myself, like the true white much better. I actually decided on true white before I picked an actual style of dress because the white just looked so much better. I just don't think it is true that only those with darker skin tones can wear white. 
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