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Bridesmaid dress match tablecloths?

Does it look bad if the bridesmaids dresses are the same color as my table cloths?

Re: Bridesmaid dress match tablecloths?

  • I don't think so, but I guess it depends on the color.  What color are you thinking?  For example: I think black linens and black BM dresses would look just fine (I'm planning on using black linens, so I may be a bit biased), but hot pink dresses and hot pink linens might be a lot of bight color (unless that's what you like, then go for it!) :)
  • If I were a bridesmaid, I wouldn't like looking like you'd dressed me in the table linens. As a guest I might find it odd to see a bridesmaid sitting at a table and having it look like it extended to her neckline. You could try coordinating the linens with the bridesmaids dresses rather than matching (go a shade darker or a shade lighter or pick a complimenting color). You want it to look designed, and matchy-matchy just doesn't.
  • I think that it's fine. It's very unlikely that you could get the exact same fabric and color for both. No one is going to notice, just do what you want! 
    For example, we have pink bridesmaids dresses and will be using silver chairs so we'll probably end up with pink tablecloths. I would just make sure you accent with things like overlays, table runners or place settings so it doesn't seem like you just took fabric from the bridesmaids dresses and put it on the tables.   
  • Thank you for the advice. The color I am using is plum. The dress color and the table linen wouldn't be an exact match but it would be in the same color range and it would be a different fabric.

  • I think it would look fine.
  • Agreed, I think it'll be fine.  Avoid matching the dress and the linens to the exact.
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  • I think it would look fine as well. We're also having black linens and black bridesmaid dresses, so again with a bit of bias  :)
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