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Brown BM dress with gold shoes

My Bridesmaids dresses are brown with gold accent ribbon at the waist. I like the shoes at Payless that can be dyed any color but the browns they have are slightly different shades than what the dress is. Would it look bad if they had gold shoes? The dress is Alfred Angelo #6462 in espresso with harvest gold belt

Re: Brown BM dress with gold shoes

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    I was in a wedding November 2007- we wore brown with gold shoes!
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    I was in a wedding this summer with chocolate brown dresses. She let us choose our own shoes, I wore gold ones. I would actually say that gold would look better than matching brown shoes. I just personally prefer shoes to be accent colors than the same color as the dress, unless maybe it is black. Plus a basic gold sandal or heel can probably be worn with more things than dyed brown satin shoes and your bridesmaids will thank you for that.
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