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Flattering color choice for redheads wedding?

What do you think are the most flattering colors to partner with a redhead?  It seems the colors I like dont look good, and I want my bridesmaids colors, and my wedding colors to look good against myself and my fiancee, both gingers!  My bridesmaid is brunette/blond.  Was thinking a soft/blush pink as main color, and the dress color, with a bit of peach and sage green as accent colors for wedding, but im just not sure.  Any thoughts for redheads?? Much appreciated!

Re: Flattering color choice for redheads wedding?

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    huh?  I don't understand what you are asking.  Who has what coloring?  Who is wearing what?  Also remember that hair color alone doesn't determine what looks good on someone.  For example my daughters are both medium blondes, one has very cool coloring and the other very warm coloring.
  • I have two (dyed) redheads in my wedding party and we picked 'Shamrock Green' (ie Kelley Green, John Deere Green).  Looks great on my two red heads, and on my two olive skin-black haired- beauties.  They all love the color for a spring/summer wedding.
  • Jewel Tones tend to flatter every skin type. For redheads I would stay away from ruby red or burgundy, but every other jewel tone should look good.  Also, pale blue and green usually flatter redheads.
  • I used to be a hair stylist, and have found jewel tones always made red hair pop and look fabulous. Greens, purples, blues (PEACOCK!)
  • I always loved how blue, purple, or pink look on redheads, specially the aqua blue... exactly the color of this ringbearer pillow, check it out...
  • I would go with jewel tones, they tend to flatter most complexions and hair colors. Blues and greens are the easiest to find one flattering shade I think.
  • Blondes and redheads generally would look in a sage green.  As a fair skinned brunnette, sage green makes me look washed out.   Pulling off a blush pink depends more on skin tone than hair color.  If you wanted to simplify your life, you may wish to look for sage green dresses with blush pink and peach flowers 
  • My best friend is a redhead and we had hunter green dresses for the bridal party.  It looked AMAZING with her hair :)

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  • Be careful with pink/peach.  Try on the dress yourself and really see how it looks.  Maybe have your FI come so you can also see how it looks next to his shade of red.  My sister is a ginger and some shades of pink are fine on her, but others look absolutely awful.  So, you'd really have to check and see how it looks.

    Blues and greens tend to work absolutely beautifully for gingers though, so I'd go with that!
  • Cool colors (blues and greens) are probally your best bet.  While I'm not a fan of bright colors, dark saturated ones would work well, espically with a some jeweled details to make it all pop. 

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  • I'm a natural redhead. My bridesmaids have mousey hair between blonde and brunette. 90% of American women would highlight the color, but they're not the type.

    My wedding color is navy. My mother was surprised, because my favorite color, even to wear, is pink. I told her that I didn't want black, but if there was any chance my sisters/bridesmaids would wear the dresses again, they had to be some common color. Also, I didn't think pink was appropriate for my November wedding.
  • My fiancee and I are both gingers as well. We chose a turquoise blue and chocolate brown for our colors. My fiancees sister also has the ging, and we chose the brown for the girls. All four of my girls look good in the color. The guys are wearing brown & blue.

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  • Coming from a natural redhead (dark auburn) I just don't see why it would matter. You're not the one wearing the color (I'm assuming atleast) so pick whatever color you want! My bridesmaids are wearing dark purple (Lapis) and are carrying sunflowers. It is a fall wedding so it was more important for me to stay within those colors then worry about matching my hair. Plus purple is my favorite color.

  • Please stop bringing back dead threads. Please check and see when the last response was before posting. This thread is from a year and a half ago, the OP probably already received the advice they were looking for.


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    Please stop bringing back dead threads. Please check and see when the last response was before posting. This thread is from a year and a half ago, the OP probably already received the advice they were looking for.
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