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    I confess that even though I am so excited to be moving to CT after the wedding and even more excited to start teaching at my new job in the fall, I'm really sad that today is my last day of work at the school I have worked at for the past 6 years. People keep coming into my classroom to say goodbye and it is so sad! husband, new state, new job, new life, right?
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    I confess that lately I've been feeling like I'm going absolutely crazy, and now I've had this exact same eye twitch for a week and it's really not making me feel any better.  Apparently eye twitches can be caused by stress, and while I was stressed when it first started, the only thing stressing me out now is the freaking eye twitch!
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    I confess that I have been slipping a bit with my exercising and food choices this week.  I really need to get 'on the ball' with that.

    I also confess that I really need to get off of the computer and go get some stuff done today!  Need to go get more silver gel pens.....trying to address the invite and RSVP envelopes and ran out of ink.

    On the 'check' side though, the 20 inch wedding sparklers for the reception came in today!
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    I confess that I'm super excited for our wedding in 10 days and have already started stalking the weather religiously! FI's gonna be sick of me!
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    I confess that I'm actually thinking about wedding details while my FI is telling my about his work details...
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    It's not Wednesday but I've got to confess...

    I confess I'm coming home on Wednesday and I'm really freaking out. Poor FI, he's a saint for dealing with me right now. We're simultaneously packing to move into our new apartment and I'm packing to return home to the States. I'm praying I have everything I needed to do in Spain finished but I fear the little things have been left too long.

    Now, time to focus on the NH wedding. I can't wait until October 16th when we've survived all of this!
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