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New Hampshire


did anybody else save all the cards that they got from their shower/wedding?  I'm packing and I just found two small gift bags full of cards.  I feel terrible throwing them away but really... what am I going to do with them all?

I have a small pile I pulled out of cards from immediate family members / sentimental / funny cards that I liked that I think I'll keep and put in a scrapbook but there is no way I can keep all of these....

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Re: random

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    I still have all the cards people gave me when I got engaged...not to mention cards from almost EVERY single birthday/holiday. 

    My mother is big on keeping cards for whatever reason. I have gone through them and weeded out ones that I actually would like to keep..for now...until I move out and then I can throw them away without her knowing!

    but a scrap book would be cute! Hang onto them for now....if they are still there in a year or so...then toss them then?
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  • FireDancer04FireDancer04 member
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    I'm kind of like Arez16. I have a scrapbook for just cards, concert tickets, playbook from plays, etc. Or I keep them if they have a pretty front and I think I can make something out of them later. I do this with a lot random things. 
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    I'm VERY sentimental. I have all of mine as well.

    I have oodles of cards from LOTS of events. I was looking through one of my binders of cards recently and found a graduation card from our dear friend Jim who passed away. It was really cool to see his writing and I was glad I kept it.
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     I tend to save cards too.  But I put them away and then a year or two later I go through them, which can be really fun, and then get rid of them.  See I like to save things, but I value not having clutter in my life more.  It's a challenge sometimes...
    I will say that I have kept everything FI has given me and I will not throw those away ever.
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    My mother saved all my cards from when I was born, my baptism and every birthday till I was 18. I since have saved all my cards from my birthdays, sympathy, surgery, wedding shower, and now the wedding. I have a tupperware bin of cards... 
  • PokesPokes member
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    I still have all my cards from the wedding and my shower. They are in the 'to be scrapbooked' bin at the moment which hubs REALLY wants me to get started on since I havent for like a year now.

    Ill probably end up going through and picking out the ones from family to keep. There are some in there I know I dont want to keep nor do I need to.
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    Mine are still in the "box" I used at the wedding.  It sits in the corner with the WII remotes on it (once in awhile I shove things like instructions in it).  Haven't thought much about what to do with cards OR box.

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    Danto... vajayjay box. That just made my day!
  • Alisha091909Alisha091909 member
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    At the moment I have all our Shower and Wedding card, they are in a box with other little wedding things I kept like a couple of invite, place cards, menu cards, etc. I'm not sure what I'll do with them years down the line but at the moment I like having them in case I want to do something with them.
  • EDK2010EDK2010 member
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    I used to keep all  of my cards, but over the last few years I have been moving around a lot so I don't hang on to that kind of stuff. My MOH made me a planning binder that has a pockets for cards, so I have all of my engagement cards in there!
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