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How would you take this?


Re: How would you take this?

  • about as big of a coincidence as the pope being catholic.
  • Listen to McLovins and everyone else. Go away for the weekend, but I would be sure his family knew you were going because he did something that makes you question his character and morals, and you need to think.
  • I haven't read all 4 pages but please tell me you changed his password blocking him from getting on.
  • You have to also have access to the email account used for the facebook profile to change the password.
  • Rajah, I am going against the pack here and saying don't tell his parents anything. You don't know how this is going to shake out yet. Keep your dirty laundry and his dirty laundry between the two of you. You don't necessarily want everyone to know.

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  • I agree with Mod.  Wait until you know more. 
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  • This all really sucks.  Sorry. Did you call her back?
  • Wow.  This is some sad stuff.  I'm really sorry Rajah.
  • Yeah because it's not WT advice to keep calling her like some crazy jealous wife. I think if she was face to face with this girl they would be able to figure out who he is lying to. Is he using this girl and lying to his wife about it, or not. From what it looks like, he is trying to have his cake and eat it too. If they confront him together he cant lie to them without being caught. I am speaking out of experience here.
    Effing crazy people.
  • I agree. I don't know what gets accomplished by tattling to the IL's. Especially since it's so early on. He'll always be thier son, so I'd just take the high road on that and recognize that what they know is irrelevent. Good luck.
  • DEATH!::waits::
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