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Have you tried this?


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    [QUOTE]Poli, I totally get that.  I definitely don't want to be disrespectful (and honestly, I have thought "am I cheating the system or making them into some sort of 'spectacle'?") but I would be going with just my MOH and her brother, who is a regular.  And I am not the giant dildo wand and penis crown type person at all.
    Posted by kimheartsscott[/QUOTE]

    It def varies city to city.  My friends who do drag shows at the local drag bar like the business.  For most of them, its their only job and they rely on the money.  Modern Bride did a write up on the one is Boston and now their Sat shows are usually sold out. 

    I think because the gay community is so accepted here, that they in turn, are accepting of the straight community joining their party so to speak.
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    How did I miss this thread?!

    Oh remember how I asked about the hot and cold condoms?  Yeah.  So since i have super sensitive skin I have to test everything on my wrist before using.  Um tested the condom.....not only did it feel like my wrist was seared but I broke out in hives.  So very very glad I didn't find that out during sex.  Ouch and Ick.

    Related to this thread.....I have used and do like Ky Intense but there are other lubes I prefer more.
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    Oh I love foreplay.  But it depends on my mood.  Sometimes we extend play time to an hour or two....and other times its a quickie. 
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