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LSAT help


Re: LSAT help

  • You should definitely study for the LSAT.  That doesn't necessarily mean take a prep course though.  They have released a lot of the previous LSATs so study with those.  I don't think there's ever a need to use fake practice tests or questions because there are so many actual LSATs that have been released. 

    I would save some of the more recent tests to use as full length practice runs and use many of the others to study the different sections of the test.  You don't have to take each practice test as a full test.  I broke most of them up to practice the questions timed and untimed.

    If there are certain sections that give you more trouble you can focus on those and get study guides to help with those or take a course if you want to.

    In terms of whether to go to law school, I agree with PPs who say you should only go if you know you want to be a lawyer.  It's a very expensive education to get if you're not sure if you want to practice or actually use your law degree.  Also make sure you research the types of jobs you're interested in and whether students from the schools you're considering get those jobs and how much they make.  You hear about the high salaries that large firm lawyers in major cities make, but most lawyers don't make that much.

    If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask.  I've been practicing for almost 5 years so my memories of law school and law school prep are fading, but I can try!

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