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How can you explain in a nice way?


Re: How can you explain in a nice way?

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    i'm with CEW, i dont care what people wear. my nephew asked if he could wear a red tuxedo and i said "sure why not!" it made him pretty happy. but if you're concerned about it, your invitation style should give the hint. and honestly OP, I dont think you're going to care that day about what anyone is wearing ;)
    personally, im just going to care about what my man is wearing and how fast i can take it off later! WOOOOOO!!!!!
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    Just because I show up in casual attire at your BIL's casual wedding does not mean I would do the same at yours.

    As an adult I am perfectly capable of figuring out how to dress appropriately for different events.
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    OMG...I love this so much!! I wish I could say that but MIL would die!!
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